[Request] Timer-based no babysit breeder

  • So I need a no babysit breeder. Rick already tried to request one, but the topic died.


    • No babysit - I just leave the cells in there and come back to see them recharged
    • Needs to use RP2 timers
    • No pumping coolants in or out using BC/RP2
  • Ignoring speed this should do the job:


    It /REQUIRES/ 20 redstone pulses (1 second) op time to 815/5 * 20 redstone pulses of cooling time. Yes, that's right, a single reactor tick would take a total of about an hour. It's insanely slow but that's the only way to get maximum efficiency out of it as a pure breeder.

    Here's a core + 1 chamber design. It wants a brief 1:5.25 ratio. Running it for 4:21 should be safe (the 5 to 25 numbers quoted are rounded down).

    Note this presumes 9000 initial starting temperature and constant operation to hold that 'perfect breeding' temperature.

  • With RP2 you can always make a bucket cooled one so you have a ~4000 heat breeder. Then make sure every uranium cell is surrounded by 4 depleted and each depleted cell is surrounded by 1 uranium cell. Should make 8 uran cells out of 5 uran ore with high production capacity and no babysitting.