Server: Moderncraft

  • I was on a longer than expected vacation now, but i will be back tomorrow. By now the streets should be bigger and most houses much better than mine, aren't they? I think I must enlarge my house/mine. And place pipes at the feathers farm. And do many other things.

    Anyway, it will be good to be back tomorrow (I hope).

    Edit: I'm back!

    Edit2: I am having a problem with my personal chest. I can't open it but it's probably because of the server restart, when my personal chest got owned by the first person who opened it. Could someone help me about it?

  • whitelist me please

    ING: 8patar

    age: 16

    experance with IC/Buildcraft: lots

    have you been banned from another server ?: no

    will you greif ?: no

  • I know i made a account just to join this sever. But i am not a griefer, i have never griefed on a no griefing sever. Never been banned, i love ic and bc. I am fairly new at it but i love ic power stations and Tesla. Atm i am installing build craft to you config.

    My ign is cseddon6 and i would like to be wightlisted sorry for and poor spelling.


    Version: v8.55_02

    IGN: Wisdoms
    IC Experience: Minimal- just downloaded today, I use to be bored of Minecraft until I got this mod- really brought back the spark to the game for me. Also inspired me for some insane piston inventions after looking up mods and more mods and more and more and more...
    :: Age: 19
    :: Vent/Skype=Yes(I don't use Mumble often as it is a European program that just isn't popular in the US/CA
    I played singleplayer with this mod for 3 hours just mining the new ores... had so much fun which was odd because I didn't do anything but zomg uranium and gold ore and such... wiki told me Gold was now a must find and it just made me so happy- would really love to join a server where all of this is presented on a silver platter with others enjoying the meal too.

  • Hello,

    i would love to get whitelisted, because im getting bored of playing IC + BC alone!
    Have a lot of expierience with IC and BC and i have never been banned or kicked from another server!
    (Age: 19)

    IGN : Dadissimo

  • i play mincraft with two friends theres me wildcardalpha im 22 my brother dark2000 hes 19 and my friend sith_iamtheway hes 22. we like to build large structures and enjoy makeing items. we have very recently found IC and have been playing it single player. we found it very enjoyable and would like to play multiplayer with other people. weve been playing mincraft as a group for some time. I found your server and would like us to be whitelisted.



  • I'd love to get whitelisted! I've watched a lot of YouTube videos about IndustrialCraft, though I have yet to actually play it myself. I hope that I can join the server and have fun with you guys, this mod seems like a lot of fun.

    EDIT: I completely forgot, my IGN is Fabhar. :D

  • Hm, the server doesn't say I am on the whitelist. Is this a mistake, or did you simply decide not to whitelist me? If so,I'd appreciate it if you explained why.