Suggestion: Add BatPack functionality to the QuantumSuit

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    QuantumSuit with BatPack functionality.

    It would be great if the QuantumSuit had BatPack functionality. It doesn't seem like a far stretch for a suit, that can store large amounts of energy, to be able to recharge tools; maybe the suit just needs some parts from the BatPack, to be able to connect to the tools. It could be an upgrade similar to the way the Mining Drill can be upgraded to a Diamond Drill. The upgraded suit could be called "Quantum Charging Suit", or some form of that.

    Option 1: include the BatPack functionality in the suit with no change to the recipe.

    Option 2: replace the bottom :Alloy: with :Batpack:, in the recipe for the :Quantum-Bodyarmor:.

    Option 3: add upgrade recipes that would be: :Quantum-Helmet:+:Batpack:, :Quantum-Bodyarmor:+:Batpack:, :Quantum-Leggings:+:Batpack:, :Quantum-Boots:+:Batpack:; which would canibalize the BatPack for it's tool charging conection parts. probably have the upgrade recipes not add the extra capacity, from the BatPacks, to the suit. Perhaps only add the upgrade recipe for the :Quantum-Bodyarmor:, idk... in that case idk if it would be best to have it discharge from the entire suit to recharge the tools or only from the :Quantum-Bodyarmor:. Thank you for considering my suggestion :).

  • everyone wants this and no one cares go figure eh?

    This is the most amazing statement I've heard all day. I literally stared at this statement for 10 minutes.

    As for this suggestion, I am not a mind reader or a dev, but I am sure they wanted some sort of tradeoff for being virtually indestructible. Something tells me if the X6 battery pack recipe was re-implemented, this would be less of an issue.

    Edit: Do not get me wrong, I like the idea, I just do not think it will be implemented.

    'Wait! What does that mean?! I can't panic properly unless I know what that means!'
    'Well believe me, Mike, I calculated the odds of this succeeding versus the odds I was doing something incredibly stupid, and... I went ahead anyway.'

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    Did anyone here bother reading the suggestion compilation? Because this has been in the rejected list many times.

    In the short: Nope.


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