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    Also, it appears you don't have exception handling for when an item has a null name. (Not your fault, but it will crash the game because of it.) An example is the link book stand of mystcraft, which has no in-game name.

    This might be fixed in your new version, as I haven't tested it yet. I'll have my hand at it in a couple hours and edit this post accordingly.

    My Linkbook Stand has an ingame name. Using Mystcraft

    Otherwise, everything is all awesome.

    Ive been using this for age
    and what a great mod
    i have a world on smp have a lot work on there dose any one know if the smp up is close not pushing at all just wondered if any one knows any thing i should i scrub the world and start over help please ty

    Assuming I actually understood this correctly, you can use a SMP world as a SSP world, assuming you have direct access to the server to copy the save off of, and also assuming you use all of the same block IDs.

    Your inventory and location will be reset if you do this.

    Edit: Can't find the recipes either, using . Tried Recipe lookup from NEI, CraftGuide, and actually trying to make a recipe.

    I spend more time updating my mod loadout then actually playing Minecraft. However, I attribute that more to my burnout then anything else. With few exceptions, the mods that update the most are also the ones easiest to swap out and replace as required. Also, as stated earlier, you don't HAVE to update. I still have several copies of 1.7.3 chillin' out with my old worlds and their mods, completely unaware that the world has moved on.

    There is, of course, an issue when you have to update your copy of Vanilla Minecraft, but that is just the cost of using mods. For the most part, more updates are a good thing.

    While any official mod support is a good thing, I worry about the robustness of Bukkit as compared to MCF, and, of course, the delay in a 1.4 update.

    Would this be comparable to when Apple moved from PowerPC to Intel? Everything needs to be rewritten, and many mods will get left in the dust if their authors don't feel like learning a new API?

    I will retain cautious optimism. I have complete confidence in the IC2 team, at least, although I would love to hear more coder's opinions on the issue.

    Edit: Would the Bukkit Team really be able prevent the Forge Team from modding some class files to supplement Bukkit, now that they're an official part of Minecraft? I mean, I could understand if download Bukkit and Forge seperately and try to mash them together, but if Bukkit comes standard on the Jar, meaning everyone has it, how is it different from putting Forge on a stock Minecraft.jar now?

    Editception: Edited my edit for clarification.

    While using a Re-Battery to charge tools on your hotbar (Via Right-clicking), the tool finding function seems to get stuck if there's a fully charged tool already on your hotbar.

    Case 1: :Chainsaw: :RE Battery: :Mining Drill: (Both tools completely discharged)
    Battery fills up each tool half-way.

    Case 2: :Chainsaw: :RE Battery: :Mining Drill: (Chainsaw 3/4th's charged, Mining drill completely discharged)
    Battery will fill up both tools with 1/4th power, then stop. No amount of right clicking will get battery to charge the drill up.

    Case 3: :Industrial Credit: :RE Battery: :Mining Drill: (Same as Case 2, except I've removed the Chainsaw from the hotbar.)
    The mining drill now charges.

    Case 4: :Mining Drill: :RE Battery: :Chainsaw: (Chainsaw fully charged, Mining Drill partially charged)
    The mining drill also charges.

    Something tells me there's a 'While moving from left to right in the hotbar array, if valid IC2 tool is fully charged, then drop out of loop and return 0' business going on.

    Edit: Using mod_MinecraftForge

    From what I have found while trying to stuff as many mods as possible into my SSP, Redpower automatically re-assigns it's block IDs IF they are blocked, and IF there isn't already a config file generated (I.E. It's being run for the first time) I also know that the current Buildcraft version (It was either 3.1.3 or 3.1.2) does not write down all of the block IDs it uses in it's config file. I've also come across cases where I would install IC2/BC/RP2/Forestry/Railcraft all at once, they would be fine, but if I installed them one at a time, I would get blockID conflict errors. A simple solution would be to offer up your config files as a download.

    As I, for some innane reason, re-ordered every single ID in the mods I've installed, I don't think I'll be able to use these templates correctly until I've converted them, but I can tell just from the pictures that you guys have done a very good job, and I look forward to using them (I have a downloaded Joel Robinson skin that would work very well with a crashed Deus Ex Machina ship.)

    Edit: Yea, I put the 1st Cockpit design into my test world right in the middle of chunk corner, and when it loaded the upper right quadrant of the ship, I got 'Saving chunks'.

    it is just a .config file MinecraftCreeper :cursing: :Tesla Coil: :Nuke TNT: :Chainsaw: :Uranium Cell:

    A Config File?! Sounds like that goes in the config folder!

    (Thank you for this file, I'm using it as a template to make subsets for all my mods. Unfortunately, in a fit of OCD, I rearranged all my block IDs when I installed my mods, so it'll be useless for others.)

    Just saw this today:

    Assuming everything said on this video is true (Jump to about 3:33) Then this is a mod that attaches to Red Power wiring, and does (In a more simplistic layout) The computer blocks that Eloraam is planning on adding. Since it attaches directly to a bundle of cables, one can assume that you would have to add functionality from Red Power in order to use the wiring.

    Two main differences from this mod to the mod of discussion:

    1: This mod does not touch systems that Eloraam has invented.

    2: The mod author got permission.

    However, this mod is still taking the place of a system that Eloraam will be designing in the future, so I just felt like pointing this out, since it invalidates my 'Previous mods that influence perception' argument. :B

    I'm up for watching an LP. Can you PM the link?

    RP's control for ore generation is located at the bottom of its config file, located at .minecraft/redpower . Please keep in mind two things:

    A: As of PR4, RP writes its config files using linux returns, so you'll need something other then vanilla Notepad to open up the config file.

    B: Any ore generated already in your world will likely still be there even if you turn off fresh ore generation.

    -esque implies in the manner of, not derived of. The Technic pack had an overarching theme, regardless of whether you agree with the pack doesn't mean the term doesn't fit. Any mod with machines, transportation systems, a power system, and that uses Forge fits under the technic-esque label. Implying I'm unknowledgeable solely on my usage of one vocabulary term is just.. ludicrous. A slang one at that even.


    My apologies if you took any personal insults from my statements. I have no intention of calling you, or anyone else 'unknowledgeable'. It's just that that single term reminded me of how ingrained perceptions are in the Minecraft community, and I lack sufficient tact or argumentative finesse to sway anyone to my point of view, especially when those with more forceful abilities has already given up half a page back.

    Technic-'esque'. Implying that these mods are derived from Technic, where, at the very least, it is the other way around.

    I'm not going to waste my time arguing copyright with someone who uses that term. Sorry.

    You win. I agree with your viewpoint. I'm going home.