Suggestion: Horizontal miner

  • Name:
    Horizontal miner
    Allow miner to mine horizontaly.

    All of us want diamonds. But they are only in bottom layer. So why not make miners act as transformes when you make them point in any direction? I propose top of the miner act as three spot side on transformer.

    So i can go down to layer 10 put there miner and get all diamonds between layer 6 and 14 (with OV scanner 9x9)

  • that sounds just 2 OP, I say have the mining pipe side wrenchable, but have the miner not 'seek out' ores while going horizontally, so we could make large tunnels w/ a few miners :3

  • well you can also just take miner down to layer 20 and dig from there. it is just little anoying to change location too much.

    but yes possibility to dig out tunnels is also nice.