My first reactor and breeder

  • This will be the first time I build a reactor a IC², I have built them in IC but had quit MC for a while and boy have things changed :thumbup:

    I will be using reactors/breeders without external watercooling, simply because I want to see them stand in the middle of a room.

    My planned breeder would be:

    StartUp: MK2-2 EA
    This design would be used to start up the breeder for two cycles, warming it up to 8704 Heat.

    At that stage two of the depleted uranium cells would be removed, along with some other components, generating a mere 2 HEAT/Cycle
    Final: MK1-1 EB
    (Encased in rock)

    I realise that it is pretty expensive, but it works without water and generates virtually no heat.


    Without water (again): MK2-1 EB
    60 EU/t
    Efficiency: 3
    Cycles: 1.1

    Now these might be pretty nooby, since they're my first designs ^^ but I wanted to use reactors without water and have them stand free in the room for the looks. What do you think?