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    I personally use HV solar arrays from the Compact Solars mod. I've built an almost completely automated production line (using BC 2.x, Redpower and IC2) that takes UU matter from my mass fabber and turns it into solar arrays. It's not fully automated, since I still need to pop in ever so often and run the cobblegen to create glass and cobble (glass is automatically made) and I need to manually supply the transformers, but I've essentially got hands-off exponential growth now.

    I made a factory which produced everything from UUM without needing any input from outside. It even extracted all left-over materials (rubber, wires etc). And best of all, it was lag-free.
    Only downside is that the uum->iron recipe was blocked by the server admin soon after the completion of the factory.

    (History repeating itself, eh SpwnX?)

    Not really the realm of IC2 to do such integration, it is exactly why these plugins exist.

    Think it might be too confusing to distinguish between which chest if for input which is for output. There'd probably be like a 1000 posts "[Bug] Trade-o-mat not taking coins" when people merely put them in the wrong chest :P Maybe if the someone can come up with a good way to distinguish them...

    Put a big symbol on the appropriate surface of the Energy-O-Mat? Similar to how all the other directional stuff works in IC2 and RP2.

    I was thinking recently that it'd be really neat to be able to convert industrial credits to another currency. This would allow the use of $$$<=>i-credits for trade-o-mats and energy-o-mats. Essentially removing the need for additional shop plugins.

    Currently one way to do this is to use a shop-plugin from bukkit to sell i-credits for a set price (1:1 or whatever), if there were however to be an "ATM" block in IC² it would be possible to use eg. iConomy as
    electrical money and i-credits as cash, without any unnecessary plugins. With a slight change to the energy-o-mat this cash could then be used to "top up" your energy allowance, a system in use irl.

    Currently the Energy-O-Mat deposits the paid coins into a chest, but would it be possible to supply the machine with coins from another chest? A player could then deposit say 10 stacks of industrial-credits into that chest, if the price were 10 i-credits for 4k EU the machine would withdraw coins from the chest until it is empty (256k EU delivered).

    :Recycler: ...Energy-O-Mat
    :Batbox: ... chest

    Payment Chest
    :Rubber Log: :Batbox: :Rubber Log:
    :Glass Fibre: :Recycler: :Glass Fibre: output
    :Rubber Log: :Batbox: :Rubber Log:
    Storage Chest


    ATM: Allows a transfer of industrial-credits <=> whatever currency in use
    Energy-O-Mat: Change to allow an input chest

    Try the following:

    :Reactor: ... Reactor
    :Miner: ... Transposer
    :Compressor: ... Sorting Machine
    --- ... Tubing
    --- ... Tubing (with colour tags)

    :Reactor: :Miner: --- :Compressor: --- --- --- [chest]

    Have the sorting machine default to the colour red and mark all the other components found in the reactor in a different colour (eg. blue).

    I'm not sure whether this will remove cells that aren't in the first slot though...

    If this doesn't work... do the following:

    :Iridium: ... empty space

    --- --- --- --- ---
    :Reactor: :Miner: --- :Compressor: --- --- --- [chest]

    And have the transposer withdraw all items at once, return everyting but the cells back into the reactor and time some other blocks into the spaces that would've been taken by the cells. Then have a filter withdraw the filler blocks.

    There's a config setting in IC² to nerf solars, use that if you don't like their output. CompactSolars also has a config setting for Solars, use that to diminish the effectivity of compact solars. If you play online, take it up with your admin, but where do you get the audacity from to try and force everyone to play your way, when it's possible for you to enjoy yourself in your own way without imposing your will on others?

    Interesting that our forums wouldn't work for you. Right now we have 130 members there and have had no reported issues with it. I'll look into and I'll keep your app on file. Thanks.

    I've been having problems with scripts on sites lately, so I guess that your activation dialogue uses a script to open which my computer fails to run correctly. It's probably a driver issue or some other error on my side, but I do not currently have the leisure of reinstalling my OS as I usually would ^^

    I tried registering at your forums, but that didn't work out for me... as my browser won't open the activation dialogue. Not for the link activation nor for the code-input variant. I did try using several browsers, even stooping down and using IE *shudder* but to no avail. So I am applying here and asking you to please unlock the forum account for me, if you can. ^^

    1. Your name

    Leo, I won't say anymore than that. Afterall, some anonymity must be kept, especially on the internet.

    2. Your IGN


    3. Your age


    4. Your Time Zone

    GMT+1 (Germany)

    5. How long you've been playing Minecraft

    Since 1.3, oh I did love the boosters :D pity they were removed really.

    6. Any experience with IC, BC or RP

    I played using IC 6.xx (I think), went back to vanilla and SMP. Where I was admin for a server and responsible for all the plugins, especially permissions. Permissions can be a real pain... especially if they break >.> And now I've been back to 1.23 of IC² and love it ^^
    Since then I did some testing on nuclear apparati (using the Latin there, since it sounds better than the modern variant) and the general Bukkit + IC² game mechanics. In particular I was filled with joy after completing an automatic sorting system for my quarries, which sorted and placed the mined blocks and even processed the ores by sending them to macerators and furnaces prior to storage. I'm a fair hand at traditional redstone wiring so I'll have to see how I fare with RedPower. I also spent the last two weeks playing on an IC² server.

    7. Screenshots (Optional)

    Im afraid that I deleted the good ones a while back by accident... and I'm a shift+deleter. But here are some oldish ones:


    I can't claim credit for the whole town, but the train station is my work as is one of the tower houses (might not be visible, I couldn't check because of my internet). These aren't
    the best, nor the biggest things I've build, but the only surviving screenshots I have ^^

    I am currently in search of a new IC² server because the server admin (suddenly, and without warning) decided to make the server private. He informed me of this today, when I logged in and promptly proceeded to ban me... I don't know why... I don't steal, I don't grief and I like playing and help players too ^^

    I will spend most of my free time playing one game or another, usually MC. But it's on and off, I may be online for 6 hours and up a day, for a week and then not play for the next week depending on my workload, because my professors like giving too many large assignments.

    This will be the first time I build a reactor a IC², I have built them in IC but had quit MC for a while and boy have things changed :thumbup:

    I will be using reactors/breeders without external watercooling, simply because I want to see them stand in the middle of a room.

    My planned breeder would be:

    StartUp: MK2-2 EA
    This design would be used to start up the breeder for two cycles, warming it up to 8704 Heat.

    At that stage two of the depleted uranium cells would be removed, along with some other components, generating a mere 2 HEAT/Cycle
    Final: MK1-1 EB
    (Encased in rock)

    I realise that it is pretty expensive, but it works without water and generates virtually no heat.


    Without water (again): MK2-1 EB
    60 EU/t
    Efficiency: 3
    Cycles: 1.1

    Now these might be pretty nooby, since they're my first designs ^^ but I wanted to use reactors without water and have them stand free in the room for the looks. What do you think?

    I had never seen that design Ive added it to my collection (modified)
    and thus I conclude that 2 efficiency reactors seem to be the best (heat to power ratio)
    if you have spare uranium (which you do usually once you have enough resources to make a reactor)

    however, one of the coolant cells is not connected to a HD so therefore my modification makes it exactly the same as my posted design. (different configuration ofcourse)

    I made a slight change to the reactor by replacing one of the coolant cells with a heat dispenser, this seems to give me less warnings ^^ So I'd stick with that to make absolutely sure nothing burns.