Anyone have some help for loading a ice SUC?

  • Yeah, it's hard to get around the feeling that something is very much like cheating. I try to remember all the time/mental energy I had to spend to create the ridiculous Reinforced Stone production facility when I design a 6 meter thick reactor chamber just for testing ideas!

    I think I'll hold off on helping you test for the time being... I'm not looking to start up a new world until IC is in 1.0 and it really sounds like that's exactly what I'd want to do to really be of any help. That and I don't think I can handle any more chunk loading lag! TBH though, you DO have me a little excited (oh my!). I'm already mentally designing a RP Frames machine which would check blocks-harvested each mining action and try to trace veins of ore! I always did think the even distribution of ores was a bit silly. I'll PM you my e-mail anyway. When you get the chunkloading issue resolved, drop me a line and I'll at least take a look and let you know what I think!

    It isn't chunk loading... It's chunk generation which happens ONCE per chunk you generate.
    The problem is my veins cause MANY chunks to be generated at the same time and that is what the lag is about. After all the chunks are generated you will not experience any more lag than you usually do.