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    Apart from Resistance and Strength it seems to me that brewing only has negative effects... Which makes me wonder why anyone would want to use brewing in the first place?

    Not saying Resist / Strength is a bad thing but the amount of work that goes into getting those two effects coupled with the only positive zip without a negative side effect comes from rum it just feels like brewing is pretty pointless?

    Last i checked it scans 2 tiles in each direction. So like:

    Though this is straight out of memory since i have reinstalled everything (computer upgrade) and haven't yet set up my stuff.
    Last i checked, nothing was wrong with how it scanned.

    Basically most mods can't be touched by mohjang, because they are base-class-free. They could attack the forge, modloader etc.

    So as technic doen't modify base-classes it has nothing to do with Mohjang. But every modder that is included in the Tech-Pack could sue the creators for including there mod. At least they can force them to remove there mod, this is pretty easy (and cheap) if you have an insurance for this.


    Technic is redistributing base classes in their mod pack are they not? They don't have to be the makers of the content to break the law.

    Or we could get even more specific and add two ITNT blocks tot he mix... Here's how I'd imagine the recipe:

    That is a clock, an advanced circuit, 2 industrial TNT, 3 refined uranium and 2 re-enriched uranium cells.

    Expensive i know but nukes are supposed to be expensive. right? Not a griefers goto tool as soon as he finds some uranium ore.

    "Fault Module Name: OpenAL32.dll_unloaded"

    It has something to do with OpenAL (Open Audio Library), try and update OpenAL on your system?
    Like i said before, it works fine for me but then again i tend to update stuff all over the place.

    No there isn't, though that is a good idea, I just go off of what iv'e implemented and the changelog I posted in the beta releases (non public). I'll throw the idea of a future release content thread to the team...

    I have to say no to that. Mainly because when you reveal what you intend to do int he future people get impatient and start feeling cheated when things don't get released. That is a downward spiral into "modern flamewar 3" that lowers the quality of posts on the forums.


    Or something like that.
    Point is, never reveal what you are making and when it might be done because that turns into "They PROMISED to deliver this (with added sprinkles on top times 9001) before my birthday, it's my birthday so i demand my birthday present NOW!!! NOW NOW NOOOOW!"

    There comes a point when you simply can't cool a reactor after having added enough uranium cells. You either have to reduce the efficiency or the number of cells.
    If you want both lots of EU/t and efficiency you have to go CASUC.

    I don't think we should ruin other ppls' addons, as they were working on them for a long time to make everything working, if Alblaka will make smthing similar, there will be no need in those addons, that will ruin all the work.

    Moreover, i think Alblaaka knows that, thats why there was nothing added yet.

    I disagree. Hampering progress just because someone else has made an addon that would become useless would make IC2 completely stagnant.
    If everybody thought like that then we wouldn't even have IC because there have been mods prior to IC that have been completely nullified by IC.
    Same with RedPower. There have been several different redstone mods in the past prior to RP that have been abandoned because RP has been better.

    Same with pretty much everything in life, we are using rubber tires now. If people would be too afraid to step on each other toes we would still have stone wheels like Fred Flintstone.

    i thought bonemeal doesnt work on rubber trees :Geothermal Generator: :Geothermal Generator: :Geothermal Generator: :) :Matter:

    Bonemeal works on rubber trees. Nice to learn something new every day isn't it?

    On about 80% of suggestion threads, it ends up about how "realistic" the suggestion is. This is not what we should be debating. Typically, the suggestion is something like a new tier of machines or tools or generators or batteries or what-have-you. What we SHOULD be debating is whether or not we want/need a new tier. That being said, plasma tools is technically impossible. If you REALLY want plasma just imagine that the mining laser shoots it.

    If a suggestion thread derails into "how realistic" it is it normally means the suggestion wasn't that great to begin with.

    The beauty (and demise) of minecraft is the sandbox nature of the game. You don't have to have an endgame to have fun. (And the latest additions to MC has been really bad in that regard, now it has created an arbitrary end game)

    The demise part here is, there is no goal for new people, they have to figure it all out on their own. When they finally realize that there isn't really an end game they get confused because they are used to have a plot, a main storyline to follow.
    God forbid if they had to make one up on their own or challenge themselves in new interesting ways.

    Think back to when you where a kid, did you and your friends come up with new ways to play that game outside? Where you playing indians and cowboys and picked up ever more interesting sticks that resembled revolvers and rifles and shotguns?
    Did one of you suddenly pick up an odd looking stick and call it a ray gun or phaser? Did one of you leave his role as an indian and instead turn into chuck norris or an alien or a cat?

    You see, imagination is a good thing. You are not supposed to be ridiculed for being unique and coming up with new ideas. It is to be encouraged!
    Minecraft is a huge playground for kids and adults alike to re-live (or reinforce) that mindset. Instead of following all the rules, you make them up on your own as you go.

    Now, i am not saying that is fun for everyone and sometimes it's good to have a set of rules to stick by. The introduction of hunger in Minecraft for example gives you a default challenge that you have to overcome on harder difficulty levels.
    Mobs are a constant enemy that if they didn't exist, would make the game dull rather quickly.
    And that's where my suggestion comes... Find a server (preferably with a few friends) that has PvP enabled and start a war. Fight for your resources!
    It does help to alter the ore distribution so that valuable resources are hard to find and far between. Enter the "gold rush" era of the 1800's and lay claim to land and shoot (or stab) any intruders that try to steal from you.
    All depending on how good your imagination is you will eventually find yourself in a great game experience, a non stop real time strategy game.

    It's a bad idea to modify a mod based on what other mods let you do. Balance is never achieved that way, and the success of the mod becomes tied forever after to the whims and changes of every other mod that interacts with it.

    And I'm still not entirely sure how you think that a cobble gen creates energy - it doesn't - merely fodder for scrap.

    Haven't seen you in a while. Welcome back!

    And scaffolding (last i checked) was by far the most efficient recycler fodder if one intends to use tools to break it. Even so, with forestry or a RP2 tree farmer a tree farm gives you a much higher fodder rate over time as long as you have bonemeal in large quantities. Which again can be an automated process.

    You make uranium out of UUM which is made out of scrap.With infinite cobble scrap is free. But scrap reduces energy cost per cycle in the Mass Fabricator from 1 million EU to 1.67k EU. Using an infinite run reactor that produces 80EU/t will produce roughly 90 UUM (minus the energy need to run the recycler). Let's say it takes 10 UUM per uranium ore (even though 10 is not possible for any recipe, but just trying to stick with the fact that UUM recipes are secret) you produce 9 more uranium with a single reactor cycle. Yous use 4 of these for your next reactor cycle and 5 left over. But instead you could craft only 4 and use the remaining UUM to craft other resources.

    Efficiencies could be improved considerably even in my simple example, especially since uranium costs some number less than 10 UUM to make, but you get the point.

    OK, go ahead and and make uranium and prove us wrong. (Using IC2 1.43 ofc)
    We will eagerly await your infinite energy creation machine.

    Why is every suggestions met with, "Well you can just mod the mod"? Isn't it better to just get the mod to work better in the first place?

    So you are saying IC2 is bad because it uses the same functions that MC itself uses? And you are saying that just because you think something is bad someone else really has to do the work for you?
    "If you are not ready to work a bit for your ideas then how can you expect someone else to do it for you?"

    Because it would be too easy to find ores that way. You can always modify the config file to only list the ores you want.
    Or you could modify the IC2 source and make it list each ore separately.
    Or you could just use TMI to give yourself the stuff you really wanted, if you don't like challenges and have everything delivered on a silver platter.

    Or you could just download a readily made MC world so you don't even have to play the game. Just load the world and marvel at the sights til you get bored and move on like just about every console gamer on this planet...

    Get my drift?