The Miner being able to mine eloraam's RedPower 2 ores (/threaded by OP)


    I use both RedPower 2 and IC2 and the miner is great, but it's only doing half of what I could be doing down in a tunnel and think there could be a version or patch that works with RP2 along with the standalone IC2 version.

    EDIT: Was given a solution to my issue, so /thread.

  • You can modify the *valueable Ores* line in the config, to include any other ores that you want it to get. I am unsure exactly what the two values indicate, but I assume one is the ID and the other may be the damage value.

  • Figures the file I was originally looking for this wasn't in the jar XD
    Time to go figure out some IDs and damage values I guess. Thanks :)


    EDIT: The first number is the block ID and the one after the colon is the value the OV Scanner will place on it.