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    Actually resu im pretty sure the rules haven't change on the website since mens' server and ndel said that quantum was banned

    Bannable if used or banned/disabled? cuz i remember the items were disabled from crafting last map.

    My error message says expected ID is 29969 and then it does the same with the legs but then my MC wont load when i try for the server :\

    Ohh also just found out that blue has full quatum, Which is banned, so they r cheating, and until punished i am done with there bullshit so i give my power to Keebes23 as leader of green, sorry big nick but im done, but i shall be back when those loser r gone

    k dont quit cuz the server rules on the website ( say quantum is disabled NOT BANNED OR BANNABLE FOR HAVING so having full quantum isn't technically against the rules, server owner just needs to disable crafting some/all of it. You quitting over this looks more like you're rage quitting, dont quit cuz u misenterpreted the rules. I'm gonna go try to build me some quantum legs just to see if its really disabled.

    EDIT: Server owner just needs to disable crafting it.

    k I have no idea what happened but in the shop at -225 300 with those lamps (i guess that's what they were) I hit the switch to turn them on and the switch and all the redwire it attached poped off. someone play with the ids for lamps and buildcraft pipes? B/c the shop sells red and blue lamps but the ids they're associated with are buildcraft pipes. Should fix those ids maybe.

    Don't wirry I placed all the redwire and the lever on the ground in shop. No I did not grief. And we dont have the solar arrays mod.

    Me likee, but lets fuckin face it, the first 2 are too easy to get if you're well in and if your team is well in (which isn't hard with buffed reactors). Maybe up it to 2 stacks of restone for $5 and 2 stacks of uu for $10. My opinion.

    I also think that the admin should have an a trade sign for "depleted isotope cells sold for reinriched ucells" so no one has to deal with breeders. Cuz they're a pain in the ass! And since when could you make near depleted ucells with 8empty cells and 1 re-uranium ingot?

    Damn, and this was a great server for Pvp since it had some of my favourite mods. Dunno if I'll miss my 16 breeders though. RIP server

    Wow my message is soo much shorter than everyone elses ;(.....and btw crafter FUCKING EAT IT!! you lost the cake cold war :P and to MR. MENSREA :p can you open up capitals so we can see what the other team has done by any chance

    Didn't even know about the cake cold war, yunosharewitheveryone?
    And I'd like to see what the other team had too.

    @crafter: np

    EDIT: servers back up but it's a new map and i spawned in 0 200 and its owned by blue still XD

    Gettin the same "out of terrain block ids" error with ur ids.

    Have fun with the new installer you two, wont be able to play until then i guess :C

    MCCrash message, only thing i have aside from the required ones is the ic2 thmerometers mod.