Suggestion : Handle enchantments somehow...

  • A diamond drill is fast already right? So it gathers materials fast? So imagine putting, say, Fortune III, you more than double your output! For the same cost! Wouldn't you say that that is unbalancing? How about enchanting a nano-blade with sharpness V. This will almost-always one-shot mobs and it never breaks, it just needs recharging. IC is balanced for MC without enchantments, so logically adding enchantments will unbalance it, right?

    So maybe create an enchantment limiter that would only allow you to place Level 5 and below enchantments on any (except bronze stuff) IC^2 items. It is possible, right?

  • Enchantments are supposed to disappear when you repair an item. Charge on an item is the same as durability only once it reaches 0 it doesn't disappear, so technically when your charge disappears so does your enchantments. They will just have to recode so a tool's durability isn't restored by a bat pack until it's depleted once.

    Plus your forgetting how fast these energy tools run out. The enchantments should be set to last say 4 charges worth on the tool.