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    One of the major complaints with IC today is the over-poweredness of solars. This could be combated by providing another renewable (free) energy source. As it stands, geothermals only use lava. I suggest that they instead should use the heat of the earth.

    Real geothermal power pumps water down into the earth, then uses a turbine to produce power as the steam comes up. In Minecraft this is impossible; however, we could have geothermal generators produce power when placed underground. The EUs produced could be based on height, like wind farms: i.e. the deeper you go the more energy is produced. But what to do with all that lava? Lava could be used to increase the eu production, somewhat similar to how scrap works with the UU machine. This would also let us use our BC pipe systems to pump the buckets in and out. The recipe would probably need to be changed for balance reasons, but who really cares what that looks like.

    Anyway, let me know what you think and any gaps I left.

    So, to fix the overpowerment of one energy generator, create another? :wacko:

    A diamond drill is fast already right? So it gathers materials fast? So imagine putting, say, Fortune III, you more than double your output! For the same cost! Wouldn't you say that that is unbalancing? How about enchanting a nano-blade with sharpness V. This will almost-always one-shot mobs and it never breaks, it just needs recharging. IC is balanced for MC without enchantments, so logically adding enchantments will unbalance it, right?

    So maybe create an enchantment limiter that would only allow you to place Level 5 and below enchantments on any (except bronze stuff) IC^2 items. It is possible, right? -- Literally a zinc (probably tin since as Eloraam pointed out, there's already a few kinds of soft white metal in the mods) coating to prevent rust. That's all it does. Refined-iron tools would be a better option (logically like galvanized structural steel).

    I know what actual galvanising is, I meant a coat of a specific material to produce a different effect.

    Because enchanting actually breaks stuff. And further more, it REALLY unbalances the mod to have enchantments enabled.

    If someone is stupid enough to break the game, then they are welcome to it. If you're not going to pay any attention to what people say then you'll get what's coming to you. And, how exactly does it unbalance the mod, an honest question BTW.

    Maybe some sort of "galvaniser". You'd put your tool in, the galvanising material and fuel. A different material would have a different effect. For example, if you galvanised a tool with iron, it would increase speed/damage/protection. If you galvanised with diamond, it would increase durability and so on. GUI could be like this:

    G=Galvanised tool

    :Refined Iron:
    :Bronze Sword: -> G

    Why should you remove the ability to enchant or brew with this mod? There are quite a few people who like this mod, who also like magic. Giving someone a choice between Minecraft vanilla and other mods, and just this one with other mods, I'm sure a lot of people would go for MC vanilla. You would be alienating a group of your community just because another group doesn't like a perfectly avoidable feature. You don't have to brew or enchant, so why should you completely remove it, when there are people who like it?

    Plasma doesn't quite work like that. Plasma is a fourth state of matter that nobody really cares about because the only place it naturally exists is in stars. It occurs at extremely high temperatures, the lowest being just over 10,000 degrees farenheit. Which is above the ignition point of diamond, and even above the boiling point of anything we currently know exists. For that matter, there is a 3,000 degree difference between highest boiling and lowest plasmification.

    Doesn't plasma make up the space in blood between blood cells and platelets? I've seen that in a book. I suppose that is definitely a difernet kind of plasma, but you said the only place it naturally exists is stars, so i thought I'd point that out to you. Ah well, I'm just surfin' the forum right now, sorry for the off topic.

    see this is supposed 2 be an industrial machine, there is this amazing thing called guidelines and safety regulations irl. nothing that would do that would ever make it anywhere. in a truth it should not take any fuel just be a med tier item prolly taking energy crystals for the good ones(re bats for the small ones) but they shouldn't ever break/explode(lose iffecency maybe) but even thats alot of hassle that would be rather annoying lol other then my issues with it randomyl attacking people/blowing up/breaking my machines it dose seem like a good idea but if it gets implemented as it was suggested above itd be very bad i belive

    Right, this suggestion is very bad, when Alblaka himself has said he will implement it. Also, health and safety IRL says you shouldn't go into unexplored caves, build anything without a hard hat and scaffolding, or fight the undead, giant spiders or exploding green quadropeds. Truth be told, health and safety doesn't count for shit in Minecraft, and you sir, are clearly trolling a suggestion that a) Is actually really great and b) has not only been supported by 75% of all the people who've looked at this thread, but the creator of the mod. You are alone and idiotic my friend.


    Although, I do have to ask, will multiple machines (no more than 4 or
    so) be able to hook up to the overclocker for it's benefits?

    Perhaps the benefits would be divided from 100% output per machine. For example, 2 machines hooked up, 50% speed increase to each machine. 4 hooked up, 25% to each machine. 1 hooked up, 100% speed increase to each machine. Vice versa as well, 2 overclockers hooked up to 1 machine, 200% outputted unto that machine. Say there were 2 machines and 2 overclockers, 1 overclocker hooked up to 1 machine, 1 overclocker hooked up to both. Perhaps, the energy output would be added together. The machine with both overclockers would, one performing at 50%, the other at 100%, would get 150% speed increase, whilst the other machine with only the 50% overclocker hooked up would perform 50% faster. here's a depiction:

    O = overclocker
    M = Machine
    ->+power %age means amount of speed being outputted in that cable
    M=power %age means total increase in speed machine recieves

    Actual thing;

    O ->+100% M=150% <-+50% O ->+50% M=50%

    Recipe could be:
    M=Machine block
    I=iron ingot
    S=Solar panel

    S :EC Meter: S
    I M I
    I :Electronic Circuit: I

    Could be very useful for warning players of when their reactor is about to overheat.
    You could position this next to the reactor, when the temperature is reached, redstone signal sent through a inverter to a redstone torch at some kind of control panel, which lights up.
    Howver, the creator would have o add heat values to everything that either emits light, or is some kind of power generator/furnace. Could be quite tricky.

    Oooooorrrrr.... We can just IGNORE everything that 1.0.0 added. Like stupid Enchanting, Stupid potions and stupid pretty much anything fluff.

    Wouldn't you prefer to have a more efficient fuel source than coal? I mean, I also agree that all this magic crap is....well, crap. But even so, you should still be able to use things involved in magic in industrial things too. Apart from glowstone, there's no real reason to go to the nether, so if you add blaze rods as a viable fuel source, that (slightly :/) gives you a reason to go to the nether. Besides, I'm pretty sure that not all industrial craft users aren't entirely against magic, so it's not fair we completely alienate those people's interests in Minecraft with this mod.

    Sorry to go off topic, but saw this idea and thought I'd develop it a little. :S

    Excellent! Modern over magic! Maybe a nano enhancement table to replace enchantment tables...

    Maybe a galvaniser machine that would increase durability and effectiveness on any metal tools/armor? GUI could have 3 slots: top slot for the metal used to galvanise, middle slot the said tool, bottom slot the fuel used. Something like this?

    F = Fuel
    G = Galvanised tool

    :Refined Iron:
    :Bronze Pickaxe: -> G

    You'd have to have the galvanising metal 1 tier above the tools current one, with it being an upgrade and all.

    Just an idea.

    i'm doing it exactly right, I swear. It's just not showing up on the crafting table. i know it's really easy to get mixed up when you're making stuff on you've only recently been able to make,(i got it about 5 hours ago in fact) but I'm not.

    I'm not the best mod installer ever, but I've certainly done it right this time.

    only mods currently installed MCForge, modloader and IC2.

    If you want proof, i'll e-mail you an image of me attempting to craft it. I don't know how to use image inserting on forums. :S

    EDIT: I apologise for wasting your time. I tried copper cables and they worked. I hope you are not inconvenienced by my stupidity on not trying copper cables. Again, sorry.

    Itried making a solar panel, and I followed the recipe exactly as the wiki says it. When I finished placing all items in the correct manner on the workbench, nothing showed up on the "end product" box. I know that my IC2 is correctly installed, as everything else works.

    Help? :S