INDUSTRIAL FRONTIER 1.0.0 Faction War Bukkit Server! EASY INSTALL!! W/ {Bc} {Ic2} {Red Power} {Forcefields} {Power Converters} {Forestry} {MineFactory} {Additional Pipes} {Advanced Machines} {and more!!} 24/7 Lag Free!!! :D Friendly Community and Clea


    No white list for now. It is a friendly PVP server that welcomes creators and warmongers alike, we have more mods than any other server out there that i have seen and all work in collabiration to make an amazing PVP, PvE, Survival server! :D

    -No spawn killing!!!
    -No x-ray hacks or anyother hacks for that matter
    -Try not to attack peoples stuff while they arnt online as it is just a dick thing to do
    -no 1x1 dirt towers they are just stupid and ugly
    -no starting massive forest fires
    -no joining factions, taking their stuff and then leaving
    -Be decent basicaly :D
    -Have fun :)

    Hackers will be banned without warning.
    Bottom line dont be a dick this is a fun server where both creators and warmongers can enjoy them selves :)


    • BuildCraft 2.2.11

    • Industrial Craft 2 1.43

    • Modular Force Fields v1beta4

    • Advanced Machines 3.1

    • Crafting Table II v1.5

    • Forestry

    • MineFactoryReloaded 1.4.0

    • Multi Page Chests 1.0.6

    • Nether Ores 1.1.0

    • Power Converters 1.3.0

    • Red Power 2.0pr4b

    • Additional Pipes 31.4

    • REI's MiniMap

    • Misa's Texture Pack

    • convenient inventory

    and more!

    Please Visit the Website above for a SUPER EASY install as well as contact information and more!

  • Why did you banned me ;(
    Please let me back in thats one of the best servers i´ve ever seen, I swear I wont bodder you or your brother, ill start anotter faction with my friends.
    Please let me back in :)

    Ps: By the way I didnt griefe or steal enything, I accually dont know why they banned me

  • Ok I will unban just dont annoy everyone again please :) and what is wrong with power converters its the first time i have used the mod and i know very little about it i will take it off again if you can tell me whats bad about it?

  • Ok I will unban just dont annoy everyone again please :) and what is wrong with power converters its the first time i have used the mod and i know very little about it i will take it off again if you can tell me whats bad about it?

    Hello I tried to enter again (to the server) and It didnt work it said : You are banned from this server!!
    Oh and nice idea about add red power :) Im looking forward for me and my friends to play and create a faction just for me and my friends (the ones that can stand me :pinch: )
    In case you forget nickname : Blackterry
    I allready talked my friends about your server but I said to them: weit for me to get unbaned, they said ok!

    Ps: If you think its ok add addittional pipes mod, very good mod, makes everything more easy.

  • Ok yer sorry you are unbanned now Its the first time i have had the chance to get onto the server since them you should be able to get on now :) and i would put additional pipes in put it requires updating the client and everyone redownloading it i will see what everyone on the server thinks of the idea and I will install it when everyone is aware that i am updating it :)

  • Hey admin, today I entered the game and all of my stuff was gone all the building were gone, why did you restarted the server? Me and my friend spend the hole day getting resources, I was with a compleat nanosuit, and a nano saber, a lot of machines, 2 nukes and loooooots of ores, I get all of that yesterday, now its all gone, why did you iven do that, yesterday were like 15 ppl in the server, at least half of them will stop entering because they loose all the hard work, please put the last map again! :cursing:

    Edit: Sorry didnt know the server corrupted.

    Solution : Every 15 - 30 minuts the servers says : Creating Backup, Backup saved!!
    Find that backup, hopefully it wont be corrupted!!

  • and some one else had the same problem as you and manually adding these client files worked for him and the powerconverters is actualy a realy small mod its the redpower thats big and actualy looks really really cool :)
    Heres the red power link
    And heres the power converts link (it’s the dl at the bottom of the page u ONLY need power converters…th-bcic-power-converters/

    That's not my problem, I crash as I soon as I put the zip in my mods.

  • Seriously considering trying this server out. Also, have you ever heard of Wireless Redstone, but Chicken Bone Edition? Don't even think about comparing it to the original. It's much, much more. And perfect for a PvP server. :D

    Mind looking into it?

  • Yep ok i dont know what chicken bone is so please enlighten me on that :p and i will put wireless redstone in, in the next few days doesnt look like it needs a client uppdate which is awesome :D and I will also be putting teleport pipes in too soon but that requires a client update which is a pain in the bum to get out to everyone playing on the server :P thank you for the suggestions its is much appriciated I want to try and make it the best PVP buildcraft ic server i can :D

  • Ok just had a look into the chicken bone it looks awesome but it hasnt been bukkit ported yet tho :( i see if i can get someome to port it tho as it looks awesome and great for a pvp server! :D

  • Server Is now down permenently as I have just spent 2 hours trying to get it back up to no avail. The reason is that my internet provider reset our internet and now port forward does not seem to work. So unless someone here has a computer they would like to run it on 24/7 or you would like to play it over Hamachi I will not be hosting it until further notice Please contact me if you can host it :) I may be looking into renting a dedicated server if I can not get someone else to host it.