One thing regarding forum behavior

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    I've recently seen a thread which contained multiple imageposts containing offensive mems directed against the thread starter.
    Nothing i want to see within this forum.

    To state the obvious points:
    -This forum does not has any advanced moderation options, except for ban and account deletion. Thus, if i see somebody doing random stuff you will NOT receive a warning of some sort, but just a outright ban. This applies to flaming (!= discussing/critic), trolling and exspecially asking-for-release-dates.
    -This forum is a free service offered by a few private persons. It's not linked to the support of actual pay-to-use ware and as such users signing up here cannot insist on any actual rights in this regard. If anyone disagrees with the way moderation in this forum done (f.e. the point is mentionend above), you're free to leave the forum and get back to the MCF Thread (unless you manage to persuade me with some valid arguments, which DID happen in the past).