"View New Posts" Link Not Working

  • When I click "Welcome back, Kronix! Show new posts since your last visit[...]" it is supposed to (as per most forums) show me all the recent posts since my last visit. Instead of doing this, it simply brings me to the search form. I am using Chrome, but I have also tried with Firefox and same result.. I think this could be due to an error with css edits on this skin, or something else went wrong during the editing of it. Nonetheless; while this is not a huge deal at all, I'd love to see this fixed as this is one of my favorite features of forum browsing, making it 100% more efficient.

    Thanks in advance for your time.

    You're also missing any viable links to user profile and/or settings, and several others.. If you have trouble with that, I suggest looking at the CSS of the default skin, and simply copy/pasting some of the link code from one to the other.. It's missing quite a bit.

    Edit2: Hmm, seems that I was using "WBB Lite IC (Without BG)", and this was the cause of much of my problems. That being said, you probably just forgot to make these edit to that particular skin. Sorry 'bout that. Also, Now that I see that there are several skin choices, it's nearly impossible to actually get to your user profile whilst using "WBB Lite IC (Without BG)", and if I didn't know the url code I'd probably be stuck using it :P Anyways, after switching to the dark version, I noticed that there is still no "View New Posts" button visible. Is this an error, or does this forum software not support that function?