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    The 100% wrench mod covered the brass wrench as well. At some point I move "everything" since the initial base is usually just a carved out cave.

    I also seem to make a temp. base, and usually end up moving things a LOT.. If it isn't difficult to port, I would still love to have the option of using this for early/mid-game usage; in the latest update vs the electric wrench. But of course, it's your call.


    Protip: Read date of linked post.

    IC2 V.1.00 WAS RELEASED FOR MC V.1.7.3.

    Wow, I'm a dumbass.. lol

    I noticed that forge and BC were updated, so I guess I checked the IC² thread and saw


    The IC²-Developement team proudly presents:
    Industrial Craft ²
    Version 1.00 SSP

    I guess I overexcited myself.. Also, then I saw some kid asking when IC² was going to be released for 1.0, and then he got banned.. Then I thought I saw the "IndustrialCraft 1.00" at the top of the list in the MC forums; with new posts, so I got confused as hell.. Guess I should have investigated a little more before posting.. :S

    Don't mind me.. :P

    I think he was asking more about the 'mods' to IC2; EG the 'addons'.

    I think my guess at this is; it depends. If it /just/ mods IC2, which isn't obfuscated, (just byte compiled) then probably it will only need to be updated if those interfaces within IC2 change.

    I imagine if the wrench code is modified to make it's success rate a config file option that would break the 100% wrench rate modification. However at the same time adding wrench rate config options for the disposable and electric wrenches would obsolete that addon.

    Exactly what I'm asking.. I thought I was pretty clear with my questioning.. I'm assuming Alblaka is a little stressed lately, so I don't take it to heart but I said I have absolutely no modding experience, and as far as JAVA is concerned, I took Intro to java in grade 9, and really struggled with it so, you'll have to excuse me if I'm a little "noob" with these things.. I couldn't find any information in regards to whether or not IC2 1.23 addons (IC efficiency, and 100% Wrench Rate to be more specific) would still be compatible with the newer 1.0 version, and I figured if most of the .class files were still the same (seeing as how it edits barely any, (if any at all) default minecraft classes), addons such as ICefficiency, and 100% wrench rate may not even have to be ported... As I said, I am sory if this is a dumb question, but I wasn't able to find this information elsewhere... Excuse me if it was. I apologize, and I hope you aren't too stressed with all the updates and shit Alblaka.. Good luck, and keep up the great work. I love this mod.

    PS. The guy asked when IC2 would be updated for MC 1.0, and there was just an announcement made regarding it. As far as I can tell, there has been no discussion as to whether or not .class files; that aren't default Minecraft classes (ie. TileEntityElectricBlock.class -- which has nothing to do with what has been changed in MC 1.0), need to be updated in order for an addon to be compatible with the new IC version. I simply assumed if many of the IC2 classes remained the same, that most of the addons would still be compatible with the new version.. As far as I can tell, the reason mods needs to be "ported" to new [MC] versions is that many of the default class names change every time MC is updated.. Using general logic (as I have no java modding experience/knowledge) I would think that unless the class names change in an update, they dont need to be edited to update the mod. Again, I am only speculating as I honestly don't know. Again, sorry if I offended you Alblaka. I try to use perfect grammar at all times, as english is my native language (be it canadian english, 'eh. :)) I am honestly sorry if my post was a little confusing.. It's hard to say what I'm thinking regarding class files, modding, etc. when I know f___-all about it.. I'm just gonna shut up now. :p

    Keep up the amazing work. :)

    Edit: The Wrench Rate tweak simply makes the wrench 'never' fail for moving machines.. It doesnt add any configuration. I figured such a simple tweak may not need to be updated, so long as the wrench still functions the same way in the new IC 1.0 -- again, coming back to my thought that most of the IC2 code has probably not been changed much -- just changed to work with 1.0 -- I probably should have just tried the IC2 1.23 addons with the new version myself instead of askin.. Now I just feel dumb.. lol

    Thanks again guys.


    I just want to say firstly, "lmao" at the guy asking when IC2 is coming to mc 1.0 -- the day it is updated. Is it really that hard to look in the Public Releases?

    Second, I'm wondering how much of the actual code has been changed to "port" IC to 1.0
    More importantly, is it backward compatible with 1.23 addons or will they also need to be updated like mc mods when a new version of mc is released. Sorry If this is a stupid question, I'm just curious as to how much of the code has actually been changed, or if it is simply just a port to 1.0 with much of the classes remaining the same.

    Lastly, thank you for this amazing mod. I cannot play MC without it. IMO, this should definitely have been implemented in the Release of MC. Keep up the amazing work.

    Thank you in advance for your time.

    Hmm.. You've obviously mucked up your client.. I have the following mods on my SSP, and very similar mods on my SMP client, using .bat files so I don't have to reinstall every time I want to play a different server/ssp

    As you can see, IC2 & BC 2.2.5 do work together.. You just need to install correctly.

    Re: http://forum.industrial-craft.…page=Thread&threadID=2866

    Alblaka closed that particular thread, but you may not have properly answered his question.. I just wanted to add one other possible explanation, as I think I have just had a similar problem. Sorry if I'm "stepping on your toes".

    I had a similar problem -- Seconds after I made a thread, it wasnt there. Then I remembered the sorting options..
    After sorting the forum properly, there it was -- at the top of the forum where it should be. Let me explain:

    You must go to the bottom of the forum, and click "Sort By:Latest Post" && "Decending"

    Not sure if it was just me, but this fixed my problem.. However, you guys stated that you posted it, and then the links were broken, so this could in fact be that you improperly titled the thread, and it was deleted..

    If this is the case, this thread can be deleted, and I apologize @ Alblaka .. Just wanted to throw in my two cents to anyone having a similar problem.

    Interesting though that the older version of IC2 worked with Millinaire and the newer one won't.

    Sorry, I know this is getting kinda old, but I wanted to point out to anyone who comes across this problem, that I've been using IC since 1.15, and it has always worked fine for me whilst using Millenaire, Buildcraft, etc. etc.. You probably just had some ID errors or something..

    IC is done and over with, and in my mind, causes much confusion. It is outdated and no longer valid, so I believe it should be removed.

    Some people still use older versions of Minecraft, and for them, I would think that IC1 is their only option.

    What is the thread you're actually referring too? You know, there're like ~50 threads about IC, at least.

    I think he meant the whole category, and it's sub-forums.

    When I click "Welcome back, Kronix! Show new posts since your last visit[...]" it is supposed to (as per most forums) show me all the recent posts since my last visit. Instead of doing this, it simply brings me to the search form. I am using Chrome, but I have also tried with Firefox and same result.. I think this could be due to an error with css edits on this skin, or something else went wrong during the editing of it. Nonetheless; while this is not a huge deal at all, I'd love to see this fixed as this is one of my favorite features of forum browsing, making it 100% more efficient.

    Thanks in advance for your time.

    You're also missing any viable links to user profile and/or settings, and several others.. If you have trouble with that, I suggest looking at the CSS of the default skin, and simply copy/pasting some of the link code from one to the other.. It's missing quite a bit.

    Edit2: Hmm, seems that I was using "WBB Lite IC (Without BG)", and this was the cause of much of my problems. That being said, you probably just forgot to make these edit to that particular skin. Sorry 'bout that. Also, Now that I see that there are several skin choices, it's nearly impossible to actually get to your user profile whilst using "WBB Lite IC (Without BG)", and if I didn't know the url code I'd probably be stuck using it :P Anyways, after switching to the dark version, I noticed that there is still no "View New Posts" button visible. Is this an error, or does this forum software not support that function?

    Would it be possible for you, or another coder to go and put a -OUTDATED INFO- tag on all of the outdated pages, so we know..? Who would know better than you?

    IGN: Kronix420
    Info: [b]I've always played SSP with these mods, and I've been looking for a while now to find some friendly people to play SMP with. I really enjoy IC2, and I'm having a hell of a time finding a good server to play on with these mods. Anyways, I look forward to hearing from you, and thanks in advance for your time.

    Ingame name: Kronix420
    Have you played IC2 Before: I play IC2/BC/RP2 only! I find vanilla MC gets boring very quick without them.
    Have you been banned from a server before, and if so, WHY! (yep, we have ways to check ) Never
    Any links to any structures you have made or projects you have been / are involved in. [b]No links, sorry. But I have a very good understanding of all IC2/BC structures/machines.

    I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks for your time.