Re: Posts/topics occasionally vanish?

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    Alblaka closed that particular thread, but you may not have properly answered his question.. I just wanted to add one other possible explanation, as I think I have just had a similar problem. Sorry if I'm "stepping on your toes".

    I had a similar problem -- Seconds after I made a thread, it wasnt there. Then I remembered the sorting options..
    After sorting the forum properly, there it was -- at the top of the forum where it should be. Let me explain:

    You must go to the bottom of the forum, and click "Sort By:Latest Post" && "Decending"

    Not sure if it was just me, but this fixed my problem.. However, you guys stated that you posted it, and then the links were broken, so this could in fact be that you improperly titled the thread, and it was deleted..

    If this is the case, this thread can be deleted, and I apologize @ Alblaka .. Just wanted to throw in my two cents to anyone having a similar problem.