Suggestion: Allow Generators with storage to output from storage while running

  • Name:Allow Generators with storage to output from storage while running

    Description: Basically, You have a furnace, which prodces 10 EUs. You were not using 10 EUs a few seconds ago, but dumped a load of ore into your brand new pair of macerators, as well as extracting some rubber, and cooking some dust. Somehow, Even though the furnace storage is full, you still have your furnaces flickering rapidly (and deleting your eardrums, although that may have been fixed)

    I am suggesting that furnaces produce 10 eu/tick, but output 20 eu/tick, so as to allow them to actually use that extra capacity even when running.

    And yes, I know I could use a bat-box, I still think this ought to be changed regardless.

  • The internal storage is only meant as a buffer to allow you some more control of the generation. You are supposed to add a bat box to a generator or a bunch of generators.
    The only time you use a generator without a bat box is before you can afford a bat box.

    EDIT: Oh, and changing it to output x2 the energy if energy is stored means re-writing pretty much all generators for a single use case that isn't even meant to be used.
    If anything, generators shouldn't even have internal storage. (Real life generators don't) and all stored energy should be going into batteries and putting it in batteries should be slightly lossy.
    Generators run ON DEMAND. AC energy grids have a feature that makes all it's generators sync up and produce nothing more, nothing less than the energy that is being spent at any given time.
    And there is a schedule that predicts high energy draw at certain times during the day which starts more generators to meet demands.

    A generator generates 10 EU/t, no more, no less. If you have that many machines that they draw more than 10 EU/t combined you need more generators to meet demands. Or a bat box to give yourself a buffer.