Important Notes regarding the publishment of IC² Add-Ons

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    First of all IC² is meant to be easier accessible to other modders. We will implement multiple APIs which will allow easier access to core functions of IC. F.e. an Interface for energy-consuming Machines.
    As well i don't see a reason why i shouldn't distribute parts of the Source Code if a fellow Modder is requesting it for a certain addon project.

    However, for this sake, there are a few guidelines:

    • You're free to create any modfication of / extension for IC² for personal/private use. As well, you're free to publish any addon within this forum. However, if you intend to publish the addon anywhere else, you must obtain explicit permission by the IC²-Team first. Otherwise, your addon will be considered an infringement of IC's copyright and dealt with accordingly. I can't sue you, but all major forums in regard of IC and MC will deal with you accordingly, vastly reducing the amount of people ever noticing your mod ;)
    • Whilst IC² permit free creation of Addons, other mods probably don't. If your addon infringes with any other mod's copyright, it will be outright deleted and punished with a ban.
    • By posting an addon in this forum (most likely in the Addon section), you agree to all rules and all conditions listed here.
    • You're not allowed to publish any SourceCode of your mod, if it's containg parts of IC²'s source. An exception from this is the usage of public'd IC²-APIs. As their Source Code is provided to publicy by default, you may publish your SourceCode if it only contains code of said APIs or code written by you.
    • Unless given explicit permission, you're not allowed to gain any sort of financial revenue from creating and publishing your mod. This mainly applys to AdFly'ing your download links. Excluded are any sort of donations, since donations are not directly related to the creation of your mod.
    • If your mod is a solely basing of IC² (and thus not linked to another mod, f.e. BC), the IC²-Team claims the right to host the files of your mod on our website. (You may consider this a +, as got quite a good bandwith and is a secure storage for files, opposed to Mediafire and other public filehosters)
    • In case your addon is essential enough to become a part of IC² itself, the IC²-Team got the full right to use and implement your code, sprites and other necessary files. Of course you will be mentioned in the credits and (if the addon is extraordinary big/essential) eventually even get invited into the IC² team.
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    Addendum/Update I:
    Effective as of this post, you may publish your Addon, without necessary explicit permission on other places then
    However, you must still create/manage a regular and active thread in the Addon's section, providing enough information/details to be of use to users without the need to visit other sites.
    F.e. A thread along the lines of "I've created XY. More infos here: [your personal website]" is not permitted, for the convenience of the Addon users.
    On the other side, you're of course free to create a wiki or a website with more detailed informations to your mod, as long as the thread gives enough information so people can effectively download, install and play the Addon.
    You're free to host your files on foreign webspace and link them in the IC-Forum threads, though.