Question: Luminator & SMP Config

  • Hey, i havve two questions:

    The luminators constantly start to blink. If I have an array of 5 Luminators, attached to a Transmitter, emitting 10 EU/s, they start blinking. If I set the EU/s at a value where they start glowing, they start blinking. If i turn it up to 64 EU/s they start blinking.
    So how to youse the Luminators?

    I want to disable the "Light3" with disableLight3=true in the config. But it doesn't work. When I start up the server it says:
    "lightlvl3 disabled" but the Luminators still blink.
    And where do I have to put the IndustrialConfig.txt ?

  • I don't really get what you want to say with this?

    Is there no possibility to use them as a light source without blinking? I really love IC and it would be so great if the luminators would work correctly...

    And also...

    When i power ther NTNT or ITNT with redstone it simply disapears...

  • Sadly as far as I know they will always start blinking. Its a bug in IC1 and will likely not be fixed due to IC2 being released.
    Hidden torches + pistons is probably your best hope

    For nuke fixes etc there is a patch at the top of this notepad thing

  • Thanks for your answer.

    As far as I understand there are 3 luminator blocks: On, OFF and blinking. Why not just duplicate the ON-Block and replace it with the blinking one? Don't know much about Java but is it that hard to fix this one?

    I would use IC2 but as far as I know it is only available for SSP, isn't it?
    is there any release date for SMP yet?

    Just read that it IS available for SMP. Will check it out. Sadly the luminators doesn't work. Any chance this will be fixed?
    IC2 seems quite buggy to me...