Support Request: Solar Power Collection

  • I have spent hours looking between various videos be it tutorials, Let's Play or otherwise. Also looking at the wiki, trying to see where I'm going wrong. The problem is everyone uses different types of cables, when using solar panels and it works just fine for them. Am I missing something, that's used in the process or was something changed?

    Be it just 1 solar panel on a newly started map, or a fully built solar array, I cannot collect power with any cable aside from glass fiber. I'm mostly looking for using this in my SMP server, but it's the same in SSP and SMP for issues. Is there any possible way of using other cables, aside from the glass fiber for solar collection?

    Just tell me I'm doing something basic wrong, because I would feel better knowing that. :S

  • Using copper cable you can only use 4 pieces of insulated cable before your energy from the solar panel is lost.
    Using gold with any insulation you can only use 2 pieces of cable.
    Using refined iron (HV) cable you can only use 1 insulated cable.

    Using tin or fibre cable you can use 39 pieces of cable before the power is lost.

    Short and sweet, use tin cables going into a bat box that is no longer than 39 pieces of cable.

    Read up on cables on the wiki:

  • Thanks for the help. I read up on everything regarding cables, but really I didn't know what to think. Since I've never used IC and started using IC2. Despite watching videos for IC & IC2, so really I felt out of place and thought I'd ask for help.

    Goes to show, even simple things are a challenge for some of us. :P