Suggestion: Weapons

  • Some sort of weapons since this is the industrial era. well you have the nuke why not get deeper into the weapon manufaction. alto it would be nice to make these super expensive to create. You would have to create modern gunpowder and such things. Thats it
    Edit: and a full sett of composite armor would be nice :D

    anything anyone else wants just post below ^^

  • Please follow the Suggestions format a little more closely.

    Also, please elaborate on the weapons in your opening post, such as what kind of weapons? Ranged? Melee? Guns that shoot high powered lasers? Grenade launchers? We need to know what they will be used for and what materials should be used to make them (and how)?

    One last thing, please try to keep it as one idea per thread (You've added in the suggestion for a full set of composite armor I see, how is that a weapon?)



  • Grenade launcher? HOw about a ITNT launcher! HAYO, you break through a wall into a new cave, hear creepers everywhere, and just light the place up! Whoo cares about the minerals, we all love to blow up creepers before they can shake your hand!