[Suggestion] Scale ores to the world height (with world height changing mods)

  • The main issue with world height changing mods is that mod-added ores don't scale their maximum heights to the world height - that means you will only find IC2 copper under level 70 no matter the height of the world, for example. With some small fixes to ore generation, IC2 ores can be world height independent:

    This scales the randomizers to be based on the world's sea level, letting you find tin on up to level 80, copper on 140, and uranium on 128, on a 256 high world with sea level 128. That's a lot of digging for tin though, but the taller the world is the higher is the benefit.

  • While I love this idea and would love to see it implemented, I do not think it will. The problem is needing to edit IC2 to work with the other mod, now since this is purely a terrain change mod I doubt much problem would arise. But the time changing IC2 is time that could be taken by the dev team to improve IC2 itself.

    Or it could just be a really simple change and be a why the hell not situation.....I don't really know.

    Either way: This get's my +1.