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    Well, someone is a little hostile. Those two posts of yours, even when you make a reasonable point, have an attacking tone. You resort to calling alex "uppity" and insulting the developers skills. I would like to see you code, or make the sprites, or gather the sounds for this mod(if I'm forgetting any aspect sorry to the respective dev). Forgive if I fail to see how this does anything besides piss others off. And they don't have to include anything from the community, it is their mod and they can do whatever the hell they want with it. But, they do still include ideas from the community (just look at the suggestions thread).

    Attacking the devs with points that do not carry weight will not earn you points here. Arguing your point, and doing it well, does.

    How did i discover IC? Think I was just screwing around on MC forums when I saw the post. But I remember IC1 very fondly. Me and a friend had so much fun on a private server...especially with the suicidal jetpacks.

    This situation kinda reminded me of the technic pack dilemma (or whatever it is now, stopped caring a while ago). The problem is permission. Eloraam did not give permission for the submod, end of story. Just like how everyone jumps on technic for using things without permission; immibis used, or at the very least relied on, Eloraams code without her permission. The entire situation could have been avoided with a simple, "May I?".

    Just read the (German) wiki article on wood dust/sawdust. I suppose any kind of flammable dust would make for a cheap low-tier explosive. Sound isolation isn't really something you'd opt for in IC2. However, arguing that pressing briquettes rather than "just charcoal" fits the industrial style is, in my opinion, something to be considered. There is also fibreboard, but that'd be "just another texture for wood".

    So, even if there are applications loosely based on realistic cases, game balance suggests wood dust is "a discussion worth having, but currently not of interest"?

    SAWDUST BOMBS!! I'd forgotten about those! A bucket of sawdust, a flare and a blast of compressed air is all you need. Seems like a fun way of getting explosives, and it would allow those who play on peaceful to get TNT and dynamite.

    Hmmm, seems like a great idea. I give a +1.

    Gonna go off topic for a sec. Couldn't this be tied in with the "upgrade" idea thrown around here every now and then? Say another GUI that shows the circuit and one more slot for the upgrade item? Just a thought.

    Now that I think about it a similar idea to this was posted a while back but I like this one much better.

    While I love this idea and would love to see it implemented, I do not think it will. The problem is needing to edit IC2 to work with the other mod, now since this is purely a terrain change mod I doubt much problem would arise. But the time changing IC2 is time that could be taken by the dev team to improve IC2 itself.

    Or it could just be a really simple change and be a why the hell not situation.....I don't really know.

    Either way: This get's my +1.

    Well my wind gens keep my MFE capped basically all the time so having stored energy for dry periods does not really bother me. I SERIOUSLY doubt cables work in the way I have it set up (kinda like RP2 tubes, if this is filled go the other way) but it feeds excess into my Mass Fab. And just in the rare case of my energy actually plummeting, I've started on a Nuclear Reactor (ripped from Rick) that feeds into a MFSU.

    Is there a point to arguing with someone who does not want to agree with you? I think not, it is merely wasted effort. So why don't you guys shut the hell up and agree to disagree? I'm all for some healthy debate but this is just ridiculous.

    I just ripped Headhunters setup. Spawned in a snow biome and figured the constant need to clean solars would make it less enjoyable, so I built wind for the first time and I gotta say....I have a lot more excess energy than before.

    I don't really think the solars needed a recipe change in the first place. Making it less expensive caused the "Solar OP" wave and changing it back to the original cost started this thread. So no, I do not think the so called "nerf" was too much. It is impossible to please everybody, if the devs changed the recipe again to be less expensive, those who cried nerf will do so again. At which point if their needs are met another thread like this one will be started. If you are that mad about solars being returned to the original recipe then just use one of the other methods of energy generation such as wind or nuclear (or the Advanced GeoGen in Power Crystals power converters, but since the 1.4 update that kinda broke it). Complaining about it will only piss others off, not change anything.

    I still use solars. I just went back to my old IC1 way of doing things, which is just keep my starting gens a bit longer to compensate for the rate I can make solars.

    I'm with Cadde on this one. Use the damn UU-Matter, that's the entire point to it. But one the topic of coal blocks and that, it would be a cool addition but would take up block ID's to cover something unrelated to IC2. The ores IC2 implement have mass storage and that's great. But I can't see the dev team coding in extra blocks for coal and redstone storage (even though it would be nice).