[Suggestion] Airships(Well Spacecraft) , Here me out

  • The Zepplin Mod is not really compatible with IC2. So i figure ALabaka should create his own Zepplin Mod and include EU/t as a requirement. Instead of one control block to control the whole ship. In order to fly your ship it has to have at least one booster module block and one helm block. The more booster modules you have on your ship the higher it can go. The booster modules and helm modules run on energy. Or the booster modules can run on fuel. There should be two modes when flying your ship. You can choose between first person while being able to move inside your ship. Or in third person mode overviewing your ship. The camera should be able to adjust for the size of your ship. The booster modules if ran on energy, will draw more from the helm module so you don't have to connect wires to each modules. (wireless energy transfer). I think for this suggest there should also be weapons.WEapons Block modules that fire lasers like the mining laser. but they take a lot of energy when fired.So if you want to mine faster than the miner it would be possible. Of course the secondary use for weapons block modules would be to battle other players. I would like to suggest that the force field contour to your ship. Depending on size, determines energy usage. When battling each other, taken lasers damage will make the force field block drain more energy from your energy supply( BATboxs,mfsu,mfe what have you). When energy source is depleted force field should fail.

    PLEASE if anyone likes my idea please thumbs up or whatever,get it seen or something.
    PLease ALabaka respond to my ideas