Would this setup work? (Breeder)

  • Tops out at 9.9k Heat
    Only requires 2 chambers

    My Breeder If you feel like using BC pipes just connect advanced Wooden pipe to the core to pipe out the Re-enriched Cells and if lucky near-depleted uranium cells (PUT URANIUM IN YOURSELF!)

    Both will run the full 1hr 30 min cycles
    Advised to use ice once uranium runs out to speed up the cooldown to start on the next one.
    Also havent gotten around to really trying this setup yet, cant get on the computer that can deal with a reactor exploding.

  • I prefer perfect breeders that keep their temperatures this one heats up rather fast and on SMP i havent managed to duplicate the measures that this tool spits out. So, i'm not confident enough to try this, it requires alot of babysitting i guess.

  • Whats it mean starting hull heat anyways?

    You can up the hull heat by many means. First you could start another cycle after one other has finished, your reactor will still have some heat left in it.

    You can up the heat with lava buckets for instance before you start the process.

    Or you intentionally overheat the reactor with to many Uranium Cells before you put in the proper design.

  • This is the cheapest breeder I have ever seen. But yeah, I prefer perfect breeders. My design was quite expensive though....

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