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    Don't know if its a bug or what, more of just a wondering if anyone has noticed this.
    IC2: 1.115.348
    BC3: 3.6.0 (31)

    So trying to insert pipe into the bottom of watermills with capsules cause well the EU produced isn't that bad.
    But I first tried using AE to export into them as well and it wasn't working.

    If it is a bug and known, just wondering if it has been fixed in any of the dev builds or not. (Real question)

    MODs Installed (Must have or you can’t get on)
    RP2 (All) 2.0p5b2
    Buildcraft (All) 2.2.14
    AdditionalPipes 2.1.3
    AdditionalBuildcraftObjects BC2.2.14-97-r5
    IC2 1.97
    Compact Solars
    If you can’t connect while the server is online please let me know. So I can try to figure out the problem and get it fixed.
    Port: 25565

    Just looking for ideas, for something I'm working on.
    Also, the amount of block and item IDs would be handy. (Also the ids for IC2 would be nice if anyone knows)

    I just ignore the dungeon running part of MC at this point.
    But personaly vanilla minecraft, hasnt ever really hit the spot for me.
    BC = Building
    IC = Mining, in general helps with Ore
    RP2 = Just makes any redstone stuff easier

    Thank you to the Dev Team of IC2 for all of your hard work.

    Looking for ways to produce a ton of EU, without a reactor.
    I'm still messing around with RP2 and IC2 to see how many manned Water Mills, one deployer can deal with before it starts to slow down.

    I have to admit, a new API while giving the modders the info may produce more add-ons.
    But really who knows, least those that read this will know why 1.7.x is taking as long as it is.

    Anyways I hope the API overhaul allows the mod and add-ons for it to run smoother or together better. (As if they dont already) But I love this mod and totaly willing to wait 2 month between updates if thats what it took.

    I use RP2 and EE so I just change my ton of access copper to iron than set up 9 auto manned watermills x whatever amount of deployers, filters and retreives I feel like making.
    Gives 18 EU/t

    This system allows up to 16 Watermills before slowing down a bit than just add other stuff to speed it back up.

    all HV based items: Tier 3 (Industrial)
    all MV based items: Tier 2 (Commercial)
    all LV based items: Tier 1 (Residential)

    By that every generator but the Reactor would be in Tier 1 and the reactor is in all three XD

    I dont really understand that part of the config
    Like Solar is the lowest energy generation and it says 100 (1EU/t)
    Watermill starts at 100 (2EU/t manned)
    while normal generators have 10 and go at 10 EU/t

    I have to admit, this add-on has its good side which is not requireing EU to work.

    Bad part would be, why do you really need it?
    By the time you get the electric wrench anyways, you should have a nice output of power.
    Since I use RP2 and IC2 I tend to use Water Mills, and Solar Panels.
    RP2 setup to fill my water mills each getting me 2 EU/tick and I normaly have 50 going, 25 on one layer and 25 on a top layer (I've been thinking of adding a 3rd and 4th layer to this. Each with 2 Deployers filling up buckets and sending them off to get me more power)

    Also with like 9 solar trees you tend not to enough power to empty your EU storage. (Well if you use a Mass Fab I could see you burning through it fast)

    But really, if you want to save the power I would use this MOD. But personal with EE, BC, RP2, IC2 and Advanced machines (For Solar Arrays) I dont run out of power often.