[24/7] Futurelands! [Indutrialcraft2+Buildcraft+Redpower] [No Whitelist]

  • Welcome at Futurelands


    We are running a CraftBukkit server with lots of plugins. We are mainly using Towny. It adds allot of fun to the game. So go check out our server and start your own settlement. We have our own website were you can find all the information you need to join the server. We have an easy modpack for you so you can install the mod fairly easy.

    Go visit the site: removed


    The Server Ip: removed


    I Know A Few People That Want To Join But Dont Have A Bought Minecraft So People With A Cracked One Can Still Join. Dont Worry My Server Is Password Protected. So When You First Join You Have To Register Yourself But That Easy And It Tells You How.


    So feel free to join and check out our server.


    Add me on Skype: jvzuijlen

    Or send me a email: jvzuijlen@hotmail.com

    If you need my help with installing the mods i can help you!

  • Can you send me PM with link to your .minecraft ? I want to play on this server.


    Add me on skype il send it there wont upload my .minecraft to mediafire you tried the modpack?
    or email me the info it in this post

  • BTW distributing .minecraft folders and minecraft.jars is illegal... That guy probably never even bought Minecraft to start with/is too lazy to mod his own files...

  • Very good server, just today offline from about 11:30-12:30
    any real reason?
    is it going to be online again ?


  • ATTENTION! I'm strongly discouraging everyone to play on this shitty server as THE ADMINS WILL GRIEF YOU themselves!!!

    For people that are wondering about this person! First of all he is probably a little kid. Now let me tell you a story

    On this small server with members that have been on this server for a while we sometimes troll each other.(never game breaking trolls. We keep it fun)
    This little kid got somewhat trolled, i put a ic2 nuclear alarm at my other admin hus base, i didnt knew this alarm was so close to his house, it was fairly easy to remove and it only made a bit of noise, but ofc this little kid couldnt handle this and RAGED.
    He puts up sex pictures with chit and all kinds of spam on my website, wich is so stupid cuz its easly to remove.

    So itup to you who you wannebelieve. Me or a littlekid thats spams pictures on a website becuz he heard a irritating noise for about 2 minutes!

    This trhead is rly old but the server still exist. If you want some info justcheck out the site
    Its a Cracked moded server check the fewtures for it on the homepage of the site!