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    So, I was playing Minecraft today and I decided to take a hike to find a good crossroads of biomes to set up my Forestry bee room. I was walking along, and suddenly, my game froze and up popped "Saving Chunks". I got a crash report, and this is what it says:

    So it happened when IC tried to generate something (quite possibly a rubber tree as I have IC2 copper and tin turned off and I was walking through a swamp at the time) and the game crashed. Whenever I load the world now, it opens for a second, I have control of my character, and then the game crashes again probably when it tries to generate the new chunk. I installed ExtraBiomesXL the night before and this play session was the first time I played it on my main world, so it's quite possible the error came from it. I figure the error isn't IC2's fault, but as it was the mod that showed up in the error report I figured I should take it here.

    In 1.2, iron golems can easily be farmed to gain infinite iron by shacking ~20 villagers up in a small room and then figuring out where the golem will spawn, and then building a drowning/fall death/lava trap and then killing the golem. A few seconds after the golem dies, another one spawns in its place. Iron is one of the primary resources in IC2, so obviously something will have to be done about this. How should Alblaka nerf the golem spawning to prevent infinite iron farms?
    EDIT: Also, zombies also drop iron ingots rarely when killed so that's also something that needs fixing.

    I say drop BC. I think that out of all of the auto-systems I've seen so far, 1 out of 12 of them was using Buildcraft pipes, and probably only because they never learned how to use RP tubes. And quarries? Bleh, they're lag beasts and there are only 2 reasons you would run them:

    • You need to fill a couple dozen chests with cobble. In that case, build a cobble generator with RP Block Breakers. It would be more efficient for you AND the server, and get done in less space, time and effort.
    • You want ore. In that case, stop being a lazy bitch and get your American ass off the couch, get in the mines, and diggy diggy a f**king hole with your drill. Geez.

    I mean, all we'd lose would be autocrafters, but how many people need them for a war server? You can't even mass-produce guns because of Flan's stupid Gun Crafting Bench.
    Also, speaking of mods to drop, I have NEVER seen a single person using a plane, seen a plane crafting bench, or seen plane parts in chests. Why not just free up some ID's by getting rid of all of Flan's mods?

    You know wall blocks, the things that CF foam become after drying for a bit? Well, I want there to be a way to directly obtain them, other than sticking down CF foam or using a sprayer and then waiting a bit for it to dry. Perhaps you could stick CF foam blocks in an Electric Furnace and they would be "dried" into walls, and maybe to offset the EU usage in a similar way to CF pellets creation giving you ~10 CF for every 1 CF pellet made, you would get 3-6 wall blocks for every CF foam dried. Is this a good idea? Or would there be some sort of exploit or cheat-thing if you could directly place walls?

    Well, louis, it appears that all of the mods are initialized right and you remembered to set the disk drive ID to 170, so it's probably something serverside. About that mountain biome, could no one snatch up the area so when I get on I can claim it as mine?
    Also, I began working on a new config setup for the server so that we can get EE to fit in, but it looks like something might have to give if we want to squeeze it in. If I do manage to find some set of free IDs for EE to fit into, I'll post the config files for all of the mods here.

    EE is out for SMP, but unless we want to be glorified beta testers, I suggest we wait before adding it to the server. x3n0 got a bit fed up with all the bugs and decided to just release it and keep working on the bugfixes on the fly. Also, do we have a spawn in a mountain biome still? If not, I say we find a seed that does. But I think that actually, it's been debugged enough to be fine for us.
    Other mods that have SMP and are utterly awesome: SDK's guns. He updated it for 1.1, AND it has SMP! Holy shizzbuckets I say we add it. XD

    I'm looking at the math now, and trying to find a good solution of nerfs, but can we not make recycler's ability to produce scrap next to none? I have a recycler on my SSP world (not yet on here because I haven't gotten totally situated yet) for the sole purpose of a random scrap box of the day in honor of CocoSmackdown for introducing me to IC. Maybe nerf the recyclers to produce 1/8 the scrap (to ~every 50 items makes 1 scrap), make scrap run for an 8x shorter period in a MassFab, and change the recipe for scrapboxes to 1 or 2 scrap? Not a whole lot of logic put into that put it just sprang to mind.
    Also, about the generator buff: So they now output 250 EU/t, but for the same amount of time, thus 25x more EU per coal, or do they output 250 EU/t, but coal burns in a 25x shorter time amount, thus the same EU in less time? Which is it? Because if it's the first one, I might also have to do the work for how much equivalent EU it would take to run a tree farm with Forestry (arborteum, logger, maybe forester) to see how to get my power setup to work.

    Another weird, imbalanced idea: everyone is assigned a single power storage unit (they have to supply a BatBox, MFE, or MFSU) and for every kill they get, they get a certain amount of EU deposited in their storage unit? Like 500 for a person, 50 for a monster, and 5 for an animal? And to make it even more crazy, then when you kill someone, you get 1/2 or 1/4 of the energy they racked up in the killing spree they had that life? Maybe that wouldn't work for normal play, it would be an INSANE game type to play for a war. No clue how the energy would be deposited in your power storage unit, though. I just wanted to throw that out for people to chew on, dissect, and spit out saying how disgusting it tastes. ^^

    And one last thing: from the amount of bugs in the latest snapshot due to the new 256-high map format, I fear for all of my mods. I get this funny feeling that it's going to take just a TAD more time for them to update to 1.2. So about SDK updating to 1.2 before we pick up his mods- He has not updated for the strangest things in the past, so something this huge might put a bit of a damper on his update speed, or stop him from updating at all.

    THIS war, I plan to participate in. Hope I can get in on a team before at least 7 pm, otherwise I'm screwed. Also, about the Broville delete, what will happen to players on those chunks? Will they respawn at the spawn with an empty inventory? Please say no, I found a secret lab type place decorated with iron blocks and I have almost a full stack of them now. Don't want to lose that.
    Also, I'm probably completely mistaken, but I think I saw a "server" download on SDK's page for 1.1. To get SDK's guns back... I salivate. OK, nevermind. That sounded creepy as all heck.

    I know that this is a half-baked idea that needs fleshing out, but I'm not exactly a creative god, and I had a pretty cool thought. What if there was some sort of "T2" UU Matter? If you could take UUM, stick it in the "scrap" slot, and if UUM was being burned the whole time the Mass Fabricator created matter, then it would give something new. Maybe if UUM was being burned, then the MassFab would then require that it got at least a certain EU/t to make sure that you could output large amounts of power, and that the mass then cost even more EU, like 10 million. What would this T2 UUM be used for though? Is it OP? Too expensive?

    Well, aside from normal armor values, all of the pieces of the Qsuit have some sort of special function. The helmet has the ability to keep your hunger and air at full, the legs let you sprit at about 9001 meters per second, and the boots let you jump higher than Lebron. The bodyarmor's ability is that when you wear it, you take almost next to zero damage, even if it was your only armor piece. Giving the bodyarmor ANOTHER function would make it just... twice as OP as it is now.

    Also, when we're on the topic of f**ked up chunks, there's an area in downtown Broville (near the Brocorp tower) that causes some pretty impressive FPS lag whenever you load it. No crash, but I go from ~35 to less than 1 frame every 10 seconds. I do know that the Hive (a huge underground complex) is hidden under one of the skyscrapers, but the lag from that extends to the other side of the Brocorp tower, so the Hive wasn't the problem. Anyone up to going over there and finding out what's wrong?