Server: Gult's Gorge (IC/BC with Ish fix and REDPOWER)


    Server is Down for IC2 THIS IS NOW AN IC2 SERVER

    NOW RUNNING BC 2.0.1 + IC 8.55_02 with ish.04 and Eloraam's Mods (RedPower V1.7.1)
    Links below
    (To Use Engines you need to enable them in your buildcraft config file)
    If you need help installing the mods please just PM me.

    Server Info:
    NEW SERVER 9/3

    OS: Linux/ Ubutu
    Dedicated Server
    3.6Ghz dual core
    Ram: 2GB
    Disk Space: Unlimited
    Location: USA
    (20 slots) White listed


    •Server Admin: Levint7012
    Admin: Parasyte10282
    •Moderators: Crispin_usaf, Scscanlan, Omgomgwtfbbq

    Player Moderators: Pokenar, Nathan736
    Operators: Krackit, Chiceyasmir


    1.No Griefing, as best you can, more important keep it out of our home City, griefing is part of minecraft we do understand.
    2.Home city IS MY CITY... keep it clean keep it safe, I love my city, i dont even know you.
    3.Be Polite To Everyone, swearing to a minimium if possible.
    5.Dont Cock about in peoples stuff Without Permission
    6.No Construction in Home city, IT IS PROTECTED YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.
    7.No Fly Mod
    8.Admins Cannot Give Out Spawned Items
    9.No Advertising Other Servers.
    10. This is a MULTIPLAYER server so dont go miles away from spawn and build. You want to be alone, play Single Player.
    11. Admins are here to have fun not babysit, we dont want to be hard to work with so dont make us want to be... ^^
    12. No Mods other than Buildcraft, and Industrial crafts are allowed on this server... Contact me if you have any questions for exclusion. (XRAY, And Toomanyitems... are on my hit list, dont ever try them... as i said ONLY buildcraft and industrialcraft)
    13. 1 Quarry per user this is because they are server HOGS... this should change once we move to IC2/BC2.0. 1 quarry per person and 1 quarry per chunk. 1 clock/timing engine per chunk/person. NO UNDERGROUND QUARRIES. Custom Quarry no more then 30x30
    14. Forcefields are banned as well. No one under 13 please

    Server is Free 2 Play, White Listed, run on MymcAdmin.
    Server Mods Installed:

    Industrial Craft v8.55_02 With Ish (For Minecraft 1.7_03 Beta)
    Buildcraft 2.1 (Core, Factory,Energy and Transport)

    (No nano suit, No industrial Improved Pickaxe, so the default config will work *to be honest no need for a config file for either buildcraft or industrial craft as it is setup for default server side unless you want to use buildcraft enigines)

    We have group Permissions and players who play regularly will be included into the regulars and have more otions available.
    When IC2 launchs a complete reset will be required, only the home city will be saved, but the whitelist will remain...

    The server is up 24/7 about 97% uptime regular backups are performed.

    Also Feel free to protect what you love with a PERSONAL CHEST, put it in your home, or store it in our bank, (its in the main city, only you can open it but a mod or admin will bust it out if used improper)

    There is also a Jail... this is your choice, instead of banning from the server we instead would like to be easy and give you a chance... spend a few in jail, you keep your items and can stay in game, it is a short term punishment if you decide to die in jail you lose everything all your playerdata will be erased, meaning personal chest content are gone as well... but if you dont mind being jailed and are a good sport in a few hours you are back to a happy member of the server none worse for the wear... your choice continued problem will get you banned.
    We have a Custom texture pack for the server, your choice to use, but recommend it... made it with help... love it to death.
    We are working on hosting our own files but this is the first time our up until now private server has gone public

    Download Here:
    This is very much my personal Texture Pack, it is what my Moderators use and me so this is how most of the users see it, but does contain some of Glimmers textures and i want to give credit were credit is do. I Made new texture for Industrial Craft as well and they are included in the pack:
    SteamPunkSD - By Levint7012

    Also Krackit made Ic addon for soartex i am hosting it for him you can find it here:…czeb/
    You will need soartex If you want to use the 64x64 pack just add the soartex IC-update files into the zip for soartex, it will add the ic textures for 64x64

    You can Check Server Status anywhere...

    To be Whitelisted please just Post your IGN (In Game Name) and your history... look forward to your joining.

    Installation Instructions:


    Keep Your Eyes on this Window for New Info

    9/10 New Updates to Roll Out... Server moved to Bukkit... We have fixes for ITNT and NUKES... Now We have BC2.0.1

    9/5 Had to reload the map after a big crash yesterday and required me to restore the server a day back... but the server is running like a mint now.

    9/4 JLcompton89 and lordgames Banned for destruction... sssss15 removed from white list if you wish to be readded please just let me know, JL and Lord exploded large chunks of the map, greiefed everyone on the server. BANNED, if you wish to to be readded we need to talk.

    9/3 As of 7:39 today We are on a new server... and life is good.

    If you recieve a KICK that is how the server is setup to remove non whitelisted memeber just post your info to be WHITELISTED


    Home city

    Item Shops

    Item Shops

    If you feel like Donating (servers cost money to operate... and anything you feel you want to donate is great):

  • I Never griefed ever i used to own 2 popular minecraft servers and got bored but i would love to join a server like yours Please

    IGN : flatd

    go here ^^ for the form to send us what u think with out flooding the form try keeping this post clean and with out useless submits sheep man was here MinecraftSheep
    do not spam the form i don't want to have to close it down. happy submiting

    u poked me but i poked back
    with a golden wrench MinecraftSheep <is my sig

  • whitelist update you were added

    “Nobody important? Blimey, that’s amazing. Do you know, in nine hundred years of time and space I’ve never met anyone who wasn’t important before.”
    The Eleventh Doctor

  • IGN: Songii

    I've never been banned and I'm pretty experienced with Industrialcraft and looking to try out some ideas with BC.

  • I would like to join IGN: Pokenar

    I never grief.... except on two occasions

    1: it was down right encouraged (it was an anarchy server, stealing, grieving, killing, all aloud and encouraged, no rules)

    2: the server was about to be reset and they told us to do whatever we wanted.

    I may or may not be able to join right away, gotta try to get the proper versions installed and all, i figured if i am gonna use IC1, it should be on a server with those that i can help me so i don't get lost (i promise i won't be annoying on purpose)

  • No thanks, i got it working right now, playing around with quarries while i waited, the problems i had before were most likely incompatibilities.

  • I have had some good ideas brought up 1 includes a job board post it on the forum I will list a job in the message of the day at sign in

    1. Employer must give the payment to the server admin (levint7012) our the moderator admin parasyte10282 and leave a distinct landmark to define the task
    2. Jobs may not involve griefing other players (ie steal money from or kill)
    3. 1 job per player at a time and will be removed from opening post at next admin login after task completion 1 day if not accepted.

    4. This can be a quest ie crispin has setup a dungeon and at the end an award at the time of completion a award will be give by the player ie crispin in that intense.

    Any questions just ask...

    Any task you would like to post please post in the forum... Task will be posted by midnight after recovered from forum.

  • IGN: ultimate_omega

    Never banned as I have never actually played on a server, fairly decent with Buildcraft and IndustrialCraft.

  • Whitelist have been updated

    “Nobody important? Blimey, that’s amazing. Do you know, in nine hundred years of time and space I’ve never met anyone who wasn’t important before.”
    The Eleventh Doctor