Server: Gult's Gorge (IC/BC with Ish fix and REDPOWER)

  • So for those of you having trouble getting quarries working, I looked into it and the problem is that quarries require a lot of steam... Wooden "redstone" engines simply don't deliver enough power. You'll have to upgrade to at least a stone engine, which functions rather like a furnace.

  • I have made a 1.8 fortress. It is a good-ish. May we insert it upon port?

    EDIT: If you care about major lag then don't PM me other wise PM me for a tour of it possibly. One at a time!

  • IGN:andrei1095

    Hey i was simply looking for an industrial craft online server, and i have found one. :D

    Sorry i forgot to say my history... have had minecraft for about a year not been to interested in the game due to getting bored. I saw this industrial craft mod and then got back into the game, now i wish to play on some online. I have played on a few RP servers but that would be it, thanks.

  • First I get stuck right? It happens. But not all. I asked to be teleported somewhere safe so I am teleported to a quarry hole all the way down to bedrock filled with water. I cant swim out its too deep. Next I sue para for the act he kicks me. There was a demotion of rank before the kick but anyways not important.

    Also in case you were wondering where my castle went, well para packed it up into a box :3

  • Tyk,

    You were teleported over the water first of all which I didn't have to do, you asked to be teleported AND you were kicked for your disrespectful attitude. You are welcome to come back and play but as I said in the game I will not be replacing lost items.

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  • i have set up a feed back form that you can fill out and submit to have your voice heard on many things we may remove, add or change when we swap to 1.8+ only 1 submit per player plz and thank you. SHEEP MAN FTW MinecraftSheep
    this form is not done yet wait a bit :3 lets say the date you can start submiting is the 19'th

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  • Sorry but i am confused... there are like 5 downloads for redpower and buildcraft (like buildcraft factores) (redpower core) or something like that.... which ones do i need to download and install.... thanks and sorry for posting here not sure where else to.

  • My server reports your missing the ish04 mod

    Your not going to see me post often until I get a special pm first off, second off I always wondered what the ish04 is. I don't think i have it.....

  • just letting you know i have not forgotten this place, just i have been a bit busy and SMP for IC2 still isn't out, i check for the SMP release every 2 days or so. and while i am at it, why are you acting so high and mighty tyku? last i checked, they didn't seem to care about your fort, and YOU were the one ASKING for it to bed, removing the "permission" is not a bad thing, except to you, and about the mine thing, he right, he did not need to summon you, my response would of been killing you to get you out.he was kind enough to summon you, and you were not smart enough to hold space just in case, and you DO know placing torches creates air pockets right? these are my two cents on this issue