1.2.5 Hardcraft.co.uk [IC2, Buildcraft, RP2, Forestry, Additional pipes, Computercraft...] White-listed

  • Redpower
    Computer craft
    Additional pipes
    Iron Chests

    This is a small server, it is survival, it is fully whitelisted with applications on our website http://hardcraft.co.uk.

    About us
    We are a small friendly group who only seek a safe and peaceful environment in which to play. if you feel the same way then feel free to apply otherwise don't even bother.

    we have a bukkit server so plugins are all part of the story we have world guard to protect your stuff, protection will be given to an area on request to an admin and will not be mandatory but it is advised. there are a few other plugins and they can be found on the website.
    the server is hosted in Paris, France and seems to be alright for both players from the States or Europe.

    No hacks, profanity, obscenity or anything immoral or demeaning is allowed on our website or server and the culprit will be banned/kicked/deleted as the case requires.
    the full rules are

    All connection details are available on the website along with an up to date mod installer in order to get the correct mods for our server.

    I hope to see you applying and joining.

    as always play fair...Play HARD!

  • today,there were a about 5 minurtes rollback,i need 10 seconds to login and at spawn are lagspikes,i wouldnt join again

  • today,there were a about 5 minurtes rollback,i need 10 seconds to login and at spawn are lagspikes,i wouldnt join again

    excuse me what are you talking about there have been no rollbacks whatsoever on the server infact there is as of yet no plugin to perform a rollback. I am still working on a solution.
    If you are talking about lag may I ask where you are located as the server is in Paris France?
    What time was all of this? so I can try and have a look and see if there is anything I can do to fix it.
    also what is your in game name so I can actually see if you were on the server as I am a bit confused. my bad solved MC_POWER :)

    actually you know what im not too bothered I snooped through some of your old posts and found this so umm yeah good luck with that. Since you arent joining again you will be un whitelisted.

  • an update:a new map has been started due to issues with the last one, and we are now waiting for the mods to be ported a new map will be decided on after this has been done but I'm thinking we shouldn't need one.

  • bumpity bump we have updated to a new age a new version and even more industry. Come join me as I plunder the natural resources fro my own means and create a superpower the likes of which no one has seen before.