Wiring up a breeder(that seriously sounds wrong)...

  • So I'm trying to wire up my breeder so it stays on for 80 minutes, I know I should be using a toggle latch and a timer, but what is messing me up is I want it to be on a push button, out of those switches I've dicked around with the combination of the two and for the life of me even on the ground out in the open I can't get it so when I click the button, it starts the timer, when the timer "dings" done and flips the switch to turn off the reactor and resets... Anyone got a good screenshot in game that could help a guy out? I'm bashing my head on the wall right now as nothing is clicking in my mind.

  • I would do the same type of thing, but use a counter; or more likely since I'd rather run it more safely I'd figure out the duty cycle to run+cool it properly and use that.

  • If you have redpower2 installed i would do this.

    Set timer to how long you want the reactor to be on.

    And you rock, that's exactly what I needed, but because I'm an idiot I wasn't seeing that combination in my head... Thank you very much!

    And MJ, yes, I know, it takes "around" 80 minutes from what I saw from a 10k heat reactor, already had the time I wanted to toss at it, just couldn't get it to "clock cycle", but thanks to lahn, no problems anymore! wewt.