[RULES] for this section [Read First!]

  • If you got Addon's consisting exclusively of CropCards (and items/blocks related to these crops), consider publishing it here. Will provide more organization.
    All rules for publishing Addon's regarding the generic Addon section fully apply.

    As well, the CropCard-API is MEANT to provide the possibility of easyly adding new crops to base IC².
    I'll frequently check this section and, if permission is given, gladly implement useful crops into IC² itself.

    You ARE permitted to create multiple threads if you intend to create minor addons composing of a set of crops and their items. If you just create single plants, you should rather use one collective thread to provide download for all CropCards.

    Be advised this sections is NOT meant for any sort of discussion, not discussion related to how to create CropCards or issues with CropCars, either! Discussion regarding the creation of any sort of Addon belongs into the Addon Discussion.