[Reactor Design] Mark I-O ED ( Possible Neutral Breeder with 50Eu/t Output)

  • Where in the world are you gonna get 200 buckets of lava every 4 seconds?
    And why wouldn't you just put that lava into a Geo and get more power than you'd get from the nuke? :wacko:

  • First of, why the 4 integrated reactor plating, just use HD's.You could also not use lava buckets at all and place a uranium cell where the isotope cell is. This way you produce a lot of excess heat while producing 28 million EU at 140 EU/t. After 1 cycle you reach 9216 heat in all components. Then you put in 5 new uranium cells and 1 isotope cells in the middle and keep replacing the isotope cell until this cycle is done. When the reactor heat drops, just swap a cooling cell with an isotope cell (preferable the one on the right of the single uranium cell, than it also charges a little while heating). Nice breeder/Mk.2

    Edit: Heating which gives 140 EU/t (ends at 9209 heat for all components including the reactor itself) and Breeding which can start directly after a heating run (it is a positive breeder, but it ends at 9634 hull heat which gives 10 seconds to reload the reactor again with new uranium and isotope cells, so it works like a neutral breeder).