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    When I was running on an MFE, I found that my pair of macerators could only handle 5-6 overclockers before starving themselves - until I installed a storage upgrade and a transformer upgrade in each machine.
    Then they were able to handle 8 each and I could also run my other machines at the same time (the induction furnace is a hungry beast). After upgrading to an MFSU/MVT, I'm able to use a dozen overclockers in my machines and everything hums along nicely - each task is completed almost instantly. Sure, it's power-hungry, but my wind farm is almost as effective as a small reactor so it refills the MFSU pretty quickly.

    There are still applications for which the Advanced Machines are a better choice, but when you've got endgame-level power generation, you can get more performance from seriously overclocked machines, as long as they have the other upgrades installed.

    Yeah, that's real cool.
    Insulting people is really going to make them want to use your mod. :rolleyes:

    Let me point one thing out to you: That's a 14-year old kid from Spain, and his English is already better than yours - and, I might add, so is his behavior. What's your excuse?

    Wow, instead of encouraging him, lets start bashing his face in. You really are a gem of the community.

    If you lack the maturity to distinguish constructive criticism from "bashing someone's face in", you really aren't in a position to judge.
    I'll remind you that I'm not the one calling others "!2-year olds".


    Comparing punctuation with the quality of code, nuff said :')

    In case you're not aware, when it comes to writing code, spelling and punctuation count. A missing comma or period, a misspelled word, and it won't run. Try debugging something when you don't know how to properly spell or use punctuation.

    Seriously, would you want to hire a programmer who writes like that? What would make you think they'd be any different on the job?

    Thank you, that was exactly what was happenning. But shouldn't this bug be known? I looked around at BuildCraft forums but didn't find any reference to it. Should we report this to spacetoad maybe?

    I mentioned it to Silentdeth a couple months ago during 1.8.1 when I first discovered it was doing that in my refinery - but I don't think SpaceToad is aware of it.
    I wasn't sure if it was an issue unique to this mod or whether "normal" BuildCraft engines behaved the same way. Perhaps you could do a side-by-side test with one combustion engine directly applied to a refinery, and another supplying power by pipe? If there's still a difference, then SpaceToad would surely like to hear of it - if not, then Silentdeth will benefit from the report.


    Also i just tested the suggested setup with 2 refineries, the results are clearly different. Large engine on the right and 3 Combustion engines on the left.

    Wow, what a difference! That's how the large electric engine should behave - it's supposed to be as powerful as 5 combustion engines, if I recall.

    Because in the first page it says that the Large Eletric Engine is capable of producing the
    exact amount needed to run a refinery at full speed, but in my tests three fuel engines run a refinery at "green mode" while one large engine can only run it at "purple mode".

    It would appear that you're applying the Large Electric Engine directly to the Refinery without a power pipe. I noticed that in the 1.8.1 version, performance was similarly affected. However, if you set that side up a little differently, you will also be able to get the refinery to run in the green. Give it a try, and then see how it compares.

    I thought so. One could easily use it with vanilla redstone and probably with BC gates as well. Haven't really looked into it myself, it's not the sort of thing I'm looking for in Minecraft but it's a good example of how cooperative Eloraam can be when she is treated with respect.

    Why not just make it so that cobble, snow, as well as the other exploitable blocks can't be broken with the block breaker?

    Because that would require modification of RedPower code, nothing to do with IC2. You're unlikely to convince Eloraam to change her mod becuase another mod exploits that, but even if she's willing, it would be a much lower priority for her than enabling the config options she already plans to implement.