Suggestion: Diving Helmet/Rebreather

  • It would be cool if air resource used only if you almost have no air yourself, helmet allow to breath from air 1m above your head and pair of swimfins increase swimming speed. :)
    Dynamic light seems off limit of this mod.

  • I was originally thinking an scuba tank or something but then I'd loose the battery backpack for my power drill... then I considered an ye-oldie diving helm of the kind that now make people think of big daddies from bioshock, but an rebreather mask sounded more suitable for an higher tech mod like the stuff in this one. I wonder if the shoes will be like reinforced rubber boots for keeping out toxic slime n stuff and saving me from my constant fall damage, or if they'll be flippers so I can swim faster MinecraftSquid MinecraftSquid MinecraftSquid 8|

    Will this armour break when its durability is gone or will it be rechargeable? :huh:

  • If it's rubber suit, logic says worn out if damaged. But damaged only by enemy attack, not suffocation, lava...

    Also for fun: If you jump in rubber boots the same moment, you touch ground, invert vertical impulse and add a little :) untill you get fall damage.