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    I understand wanting to convert food into energy but i have a few gripes with it.
    To keep the dynamo balanced the output would have to be rather low.
    Due to the way IC^2 is coded 1EU/tick is the minimum, anyone who has used a straight solar panel to charge a battery or a tool knows it takes forever.
    So if a dynamo was implemented at the minimum 1EU per tick all other generators would have to be buffed.
    I like the idea of having an alternative source of power early game but it would take quite a bit of coding and balancing.

    Why you think dynamo output should be low? It should be compared with manned Watermill, not with Solar Panel. You can use many Solars, several manned Watermills, but only one dynamo.
    I do not think it would be worth making if output less then 1EU/t.

    If I'm not mistaken, native quartz is Nether ore, so would be harder to obtain than simple Glass.
    Coal Dust is limited blackness. And it seems it is the reason it used in recipe.
    So I think better solution would be to make more efficient solar panel with harder to obtain/more expensive materials. Quartz panels, thin compressed copper/gold/lapis plates, may be even obsidian dust for blackness.

    So main function: one block on cross-hair becomes transparent to show next.
    Side function: all mobs and players are invisible (except armor/saddles)
    Probably: blindness effect and/or disturbing sound to mask ambient.

    2. Wooden Beams: crafted with slabs instead of planks and give half the amount, they are treated by the sprayer like scaffolds. these block can be supported from the sides infinitely (or near-infinitely) but can't support regular scaffolding in any way and other beams also only from the sides. Best used for making a ceiling of CF.

    With empty collision box? Or else it would be used as endless cheap scaffolds.


    3. Sand filled Scaffolds: 8 scaffold around one piece of sand, these will instantly harden, making them great for making a CF floor.

    You want 8 scaffolds per one filled or one sand per 8 filled? Both seems not fair.

    1. Good idea.
    2. No slash commands, please.
    3. Click "in air" should give out calculated value.
    4. Click on any block (solid, liquid, ...) should open GUI to set or delete value for such block.
    5. (May be) "M"-click to scan all ores in current position and open a GUI to show quantity and ask values. Great energy consumption.
    6. If possible compare blocks via "creative mid-click" result.

    An option, maybe an upgrade to a personal safe which allows me to type in names of other players who I am granting access to the safe. (Maybe even a color coded symbol on the front which appears to let you know that you can access that safe.)

    When Safe is open, any player can right-click it and be added to access list. Owner can remove anyone from list.


    The ability to enable items to be placed into or out of the chest inventory via pipes.

    It's a Safe. Into only, and only if there is a space for item. Deposit only.


    A more expensive upgrade which expands the inventory. (I think right now the PS has the capacity of an Iron Chest from the other mod, I'd happily use more expensive resouces to make it larger.)

    If backside of one Safe touch doorside of other by the same owner, access both as Double Safe.

    So any time server get new version of IC2 (or other mod) each mailbox should get a "newspaper" with full changelog and other mod info?
    Seems good suggestion but for Forestry mostly.
    From the other side different mods (and IC2 ofc) can send such "newspaper" to each Mailbox when it detect release of new version. Instead of "you should update" chat message.

    If you go mining yourself, you need at least one slot for each ore. It is inconvenient with many different ores around.
    If you use Quarry, Miner, "excavate", Arcane Bore or any other "industrial" method to acquire ores, you lose adventure part of game.