Tutorial: Installation of IndustrialCraft² (For Client MC 1.2.5 and earlier)

  • Installing IndustrialCraft² for Survival Single Player:

    • Browse to your .minecraft folder.
    • If you have a vanilla (unmodified) minecraft.jar file, skip to step 3. *

      • Create a back up copy of your bin folder (This will save mods you have installed).

      • Start minecraft via 1.3 Launcher (The new one) and click 'Options'.

      • Click 'Force Update', and log into the game.

      • Congratulations, you now have a Vanilla .jar file. Exit minecraft.

      *This Step is now Required each time you update versions of Minecraft Forge!

    • Open your bin folder and right click and open with your minecraft.jar with your preference of Archiving Software (Winzip, 7zip, Archive Manager, etc).
    • Delete the META-INF Folder.
    • Copy the contents of ModLoader's zip file into the minecraft.jar archive
    • Copy the contents of ModloaderMP's (Client side) zip file into your minecraft.jar archive (Use SDK's version for Minecraft version 1.2.3 or later). (No longer needed after IC2 version 1.95 for MC 1.2.5)
    • Copy the MLMP Fix into your minecraft.jar archive No longer needed after Forge version 1.1.2, it's included in the forge Download
    • Copy the contents of Minecraft Forge's (Client side) zip file into your minecraft.jar Archive
    • Copy the IC² jar file (WITHOUT extracting or unpacking it) into your mods folder (Generated by Modloader)

      You now have successfully set up your Minecraft for IndustrialCraft² !+

      + If you have any issues like slow load times, no sound etc., install Player's SoundSystem Fix and fully replacing the folder given (Delete the folder from your minecraft.jar, and replace it with the new one provided).

      For IC² v 1.0 and prior for Minecraft version 1.7.3