Pink Sheep Productions Presents IC2/BuildCraft/Redpower Let's Play =Dual Commentary= HD! 6 uploaded videos, 6 more to follow!

  • Hello one and all, I and Tsburgurdolfin have recently finished uploading the first video in our Dual Commentary let's play series. If you are interested, feel free to drop by and see the first video.
    We are using:
    BuildCraft (all)
    Redpower (all)

    If there are any other mods you think we should use, please, let us know.
    Note: First video was screwed up in the video quality, but all videos after the first one should be in HD
    Link to the video:

    Please feel free to give input about the video, good or bad, here or at the you-tube website. This is the first time we have done a let's play series, and would greatly appreciate constructive criticism.

    I do have a fair amount of IC2 knowledge. If you would like a tutorial series, drop a line in the comments below, or at the video. Thanks so much guys, hope you enjoy the series.
    Take care- Sirbrandino

    We now have 6 total videos up, and 6 more on there way! Any input is appreciated!

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