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    Welp, I finally bent to texture pressure. I ended up getting the lazy newb pack for the sole reason of having better textures. I gotta say, it makes the game A LOT more enjoyable, at least for me.

    Yes, you read it right, dwarf fortress. Finally decided to check it out, and, gotta say, it's pretty interesting. Any of you guys ever play, and if so, any experiences you want to share . As well, if you could, describe how you learned the game, as well as suggestions for a beginning fortress builder like me :3

    Quoted it in case OP deletes his post.

    I guess my question is : Why? Why would you ever do such a thing? Are you trying to be funny? Or are you sick of this forum and could care less if you're banned. If it's the former, I have a feeling Ablaka will not appreciate your humor.

    Fenix, I realize that I could just hook it up to my eu system, and use that uranium in a reactor to run the furnace. But there comes a point when you don't need anymore energy, and building more reactors is a pain (at least for me). My stockpile of uranium never seems to go down, and I have no need for more energy. Besides, having the same old eu furnace is boring. *Sigh* Whatever. I think it would be nice. But that's my opinion, which I am entitled to.

    I don't. Electric/Inducion Furnace + Simple Nuclear gen design (0 Risk of explotion 1 or 2 Efficiency) = Lots of energy for Lots of smelting.

    Just because you are lazy to do the above doesn't mean the devs should make it easier for you.

    I'm not saying I'm lazy, obviously there should be a bit of loss in terms of efficiency. I'm just saying it would be neat to have a furnace like this.

    Umm... I kinda like it actually. Seriously. It's an interesting concept, having a nuclear furnace. For those of us who don't use more than one reactor, and have stockpiles, it would be kinda neat to put to use the extra uranium. Now, 50 items sounds like an off-the-old-top-of-the-head idea, but that fact can be tweaked. Say what you want, but I like it.