[Question] Industrium Conlfict

  • I heard something about an add-on called "Industrium Conflict" (good work with the hype Alblaka).

    And now I'm wondering if some items like tesla coil, nano saber and all armor sets will be moved to the add-on, or not.

    And yes, I would appreciate m0ar hype about this add-on(or not, IC have a lot of secrets).

    Now if you will excuse me, I have to gather more resources for future crafts...

  • 1. "Industrium Conflict" is not an Add-on. It's a "named update" / content package, similar to the Agriculture stuff consisting of crops, electric hoe, etc.
    2. A set of old stuff will definitely get reworked with said update.
    3. Hype is intended, to some degree. Given most of it's features (weapons) are somewhat obvious, i doubt there is much people can overestimate about ^^