[HELP] Creating an IC2 SMP Server

  • Hi.

    I would like to start an IC2 / Buildcraft /Redpower 2 Server with 10 Slots.
    For this purpose I thaught it would be the best sollution to rent a server from one of the various Providers.

    I have a server offer for 10 Slots around 6€ per Month
    It offers 1GB dedicated RAM
    15 GB HDD
    Unlimited Traffic
    Mods allowed
    FTP access


    The one called "Minecraft Light"

    But I never before hosted a minecrat server, so I dont know what exactly to look for. What tells me that I can run this server smoothly with 10 players and what is important so I can use all the 3 mods I mentioned before?

    Your help would be appreciated.

  • the best thing you can do is contact the hoster and ask them if you can install these mods

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