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    Hi everyone.

    I was searching for a method to use the /home command in single player and the only method I found was a addon called "Singlepalyer commands" which among a hundred other commands allows you to set a home point.

    I use the auto installer and it told me it was successfull (I am still at 1.1). But when I press T- which should open the chat window now, nothing happens. It but works in an unmodded version of minecraft so I guess it has something to do with industrial craft or Buildcraft/Redpower.

    Just wanted to know if anyone had this problem before or what the problem could be.

    If not maybe someone around here knows another addon or way to set a homepoint in singleplayer...

    I also dont understand why noone is using sequenced reactors.

    The effective EU/T is low since its cooling half of the time, but its cheep (very cheep compared to CASCU) and the EU/uranuim cell is on the maximum.

    Well I am also using Buildcraft and if you dont have the Teleport Pipes Addon, collecting huge amounts of lava still si pretty hard. Either you build a hell of a pipeling across the map to your base, or you carry thermal generators and an mfe/mfsu around to convert the lava into energy and store it into crystals.

    Also about the distance. If you collect lava in the nether you can use pumps to pump the lava into Buildcraft Tubes and suck the lava from there with your pack. Or fot the non-Buildcraft users you could tweak the lavapack in a way that you can put it into a pump like a cell and it gets filled.

    Ok I now tried every autoated way of mining but somehow none of them seems to be effective, so I want to share my thaughts on this with you.

    I guess its fair to include Buildcraft elemtns here since many users here use this mod as well.

    Mining Well:
    Easy to set up, needs less resources, but only diggs straight down and therefore is pretty ineffective for mining ores. Also the propotion of ores to dirt/stone is pretty bad.

    Hard to set up. Either you carry lots of batterys or crystals with the adequate energy device and transformers around. Needs los of energy and mining pipes which are fairly expensice but dont get wasted. Using the OD scanner and digging in a 9x9 area its quite effective for mining ores. Also since it only mines ores and only collects stone/dirt if it nees to digg trough them to get to the ores the ore to dort/stone proportion is quite good.

    Also hard to set up. Combustion engines and a pump to cool them and several pipes. It will eventually mine a decent amount of ores due to the fact that it can excavate like a complete chunk. But since it diggs out just everything that is underneath it, the ore to dirt/stone ratio is pretty bad. you get like a whole stack of stone for each block of ore you will find. Also it leaves one realy realy ugly hole....

    Mining by hand:
    Easy to set up- drill, torches, lapron pack, a sword and something to eat. Its dangerous because there are so many creepers around these days which like to act like kami kazi bombers and just drop down on you - but what is live without a little thrill?
    But for like 10-15 minutes of mining you will get a whole inventory full of ores. Dirt and stone can be dropped during the process to mak room for new ores or do build bridges over lava.

    So far I have found no way of mining that beats mining by hand in terms of speed and effectivity.

    Any thaugths on this?

    While I was crafting my quantum helmet today I noticed that reinforced glass is part of it. I guess it is supposed to cover the face or the eyes as some kind of shield.
    And since this is high end quantum stuff with advanced circuits and all of this I thaught this helm needed a HUD .

    Of cause I dont know if that is even possible for a forge based mod but my suggestion is, as soon as you equip the helmet you get additional infos on your screen like in a Jet or in Iron Man. For instance speed or position markers and livebars for mosters, so you get this "locked on to target " fealing.

    Hi everyone.

    I was wondering, is there a way to collect huge amounts of lava while you are mining? I always encounter lots and lots of lava pools while mining and I always think "Damn that stuff is liquid energy what a waste."
    But running around with and inventory full of buckets is kind of useless and using a pump also is useless unless you have teleport pipes.

    So any Ideas?
    If not we could mage a suggestion for some kind of Cannister Back, which allows you to gather liquids like soome kind of ghost buster.

    While I seriously appreciate your effort and your ingenuity IMO this does not make any sense, except of cause I did get this completely wrong.

    Because I dont see how this "EU/t to Minerals" Efficiency figure can be helpfull in any way because it ignores so many aspects which are important later on and therefore is in no way an indicator for which generator to choose.

    And even if you are just curious about this kind of "efficiency" they way you calculate it is not significant since you just add up iron with redstone with thin etc. But since some minerals are pretty common, some are harder to obtain some are seriously rare etc. youe need to do some weighting of the relevant minerals before adding them up. Otherwhise the Expenditure of your calculation is in no relation to the effort you need to collect those minerals.

    Hi everyone.

    Is it possible to have a breeder which needs cooldown periods? Or to be more specific can I enrich/charge near depleted uranium cells in seperate "parts" or do they loose their charge once the reactor cools down and stops working?

    Thank your for for your fast reply.

    The server runs 1.64.
    I also need like 10 hits to kill a zombie - before I needed 2 or 3. Also a long range hit with the mining laser on point blank range now needs 2 shots to kill a zombie - it was 1 before. But as mentioned all other weapons and the nano sabre still work fine.

    The server also runs Buildcraft and redpower and a few other mods since the admin likes to mod this game into oblivion....

    Hi everyone.

    I am a bit confused about the composite and the nanosuite armor. The text in the wiki says that the composite armor allows you to ignore creepers since the armor makes you highly resistant to their explosions, still I got blown up by a creeper just yesterday. The text for the nanosuite armor says its drawing protective power from an energy shield which absorbs most of the damage but for some reason its seems like it does not absorb any damage at all.

    Is this some kind of bugg or do I need tho activate the armors somehow like with the nanosabre?


    I noticed that my chainsaw and mining laser no do a lot less damage than they did in the older version.
    Is this a bug or is this intented since they are tools and I am supposed to use the nano saber for ballance reasons?

    Ima firin mah Lazer
    Craft a mining laser.

    There shall be light
    Crafting a luminator

    Craft a wrench

    More POWER
    Craft a electric wrench

    Craft a Recycler

    Yeah, I can fly
    Craft a jetpack

    Then we seriously need one thats called "its over 9000!!!"

    And fot the nuke maybe some Duke Nukem quote - but there are so much of them...


    I would like to start an IC2 / Buildcraft /Redpower 2 Server with 10 Slots.
    For this purpose I thaught it would be the best sollution to rent a server from one of the various Providers.

    I have a server offer for 10 Slots around 6€ per Month
    It offers 1GB dedicated RAM
    15 GB HDD
    Unlimited Traffic
    Mods allowed
    FTP access

    The one called "Minecraft Light"

    But I never before hosted a minecrat server, so I dont know what exactly to look for. What tells me that I can run this server smoothly with 10 players and what is important so I can use all the 3 mods I mentioned before?

    Your help would be appreciated.


    I am wondering what the "livebar" under the reactorcomponents actually means.

    If its low does this mean the component has some heat stored up and the livebar will regenerate once the system has cooled down?
    Or do those components actually take "damage" so you only can use them a few times before they break ?


    Oh well someone should add the white paint to the wiki then.

    But still a portable lamp would fit the IC2 mod perfectly. Mining with a laser and lighting with torches is somehow strange.

    I would like to have some kind of "white" as a paint.

    I thaught about building a marble or Sandstone house since they look so nice and bright but I decided to go for construction foam since the blocks are explosive resistant and those damn creepers are everywhere these days. Also there is always the chance of a nuclear fallout....

    So I thaught we could beat two birds with one stone if you could add white to to the list of paints.

    What about some Kind of lamp?
    I mean we have batterys and oil and stuff so a portable lightsource a little more modern than a torch should be obvious.

    Hi guys.

    I have a simple magnetizer setup for getting from street level to my first floor. Its just a magnetizer with a pole of 10 fances above it. This is supposed to catapult me up through a hole in the roof, like a fireman :D

    But it only works like 1 out of 10 times and I dont know why. The magnetizer is of cause powered by copper cable and of cause i am wearing metal boots. At first I thaught the magnetizer needs to recharge but in this case it would take energy from the cable and it does not.

    Any Ideas on this