[Bug] 1.64 Block Orientation problem.

  • Hi guys,

    the problem im having is that whenever ive placed some blocks (i.e. furnace, gen, recylcer etc) and come back to them, there orientation changes, solar panels end up on their
    side, and u cant see the "front" of furnaces.

    The only thing ive found so far says that this problem was fixed in a previous version, so im kinda at a dead end, don't know if its client or server related.

    The server i play on is running IC2-1.64, BC2, IC-BC crossover and redpower2.

    Any help would be appreciated.


  • I've recently noticed the same thing on my server that's still on 1.42. It only seems to happen after I teleport a good distance away and then teleport back. Also, the painted wires weren't displaying their colors.

    Relogging seems to fix it either way.

  • Yea i cant figure it out, if i log in and out same thing happens, and yea only happens after i travel a long way out and back again.