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    If you're using firefox, you need to make sure to install the 32-bit version of java. The 64-bit does not work in Firefox. You can have both the 64-bit and 32-bit versions of java installed at the same time in case you still want to play minecraft with the 64-bit version of Java.

    New reactors usually require a lot of materials used each cycle. So, to properly calculate it's effectivity we should know energy price of making replacements. Especially if we use lapis. And for that, we should know the price of making scrap.

    If we'd have rp2 (i.e. breakers), then it would be only price of recycling - 12k per matter or so, because we can feed recyclers with generated cobble slabs.

    But how to make scrap without block breakers?

    You could build a simple cobble gen with IC miners. The concept is pretty simple if you know how the miners work.

    With BC you have quarries, they would supply you with an endless stream of "junk". With RP2 you have cobblestone generators and so forth. EE, well I'll leave it at that.

    <edit> Either one of those mods could give you a nice supply of "junk". However without those mods it seems a lot harder, especially if you're playing "fair".

    Awhile back I built a setup with 4 IC miners that would generate cobble and put it into chests. It worked well, but it was a huge pain manually emptying the chests and feeding the recyclers.

    That's a good question, but I personally doubt that the official API will be worth much. I certainly expect to still have to install Forge at least. Honnestly, I'm really suspicious of the API. I worry that's it will be a reason for Mojang to say "we gave you an API, any mods based on decompiled source code are now TOS violations." I know I might be being a little paranoid, but companies (and their lawyers) have done crazier things.

    Follow the MC devs on twitter if you're paranoid. There's pretty much no chance they'll claim TOS violations for mods based on decompiling. They're pretty community focused. They even have an official policy on never signing a non-disclosure agreement due to it starting off a business relationship with implied mistrust.

    You have 8GB of RAM in the machine, but how much is Java actually using? Here's a quick guide on increasing how much RAM java uses in Windows:…re-memory-to-java-windows

    You usually have to increase it if you're using high res texture packs.

    I'm having an issue with alternative energy sources. Everything except for regular generators refuse to output energy through cables. I know the blocks themselves are working, because windmills and solar panels still charge batteries. I thought maybe the cables weren't in the right spots but i tried everything and they still don't work. I've set up an elaborate nuclear plant and even that won't output power. I'm running minecraft 1.1, IC² v1.70 and buildcraft (not really sure what version, just says it's for mc 1.1.0)

    If anyone knows how to fix this, I would be very appreciative. Thanks in advance!


    Does the power have someplace to go (batbox, MFE, etc)? Power won't flow unless it has a destination. If it does have someplace to go, try breaking a cable and replacing it. Sometimes the e-Net stops sending energy and breaking a cable and replacing it will reset it.

    It looks like the link for reactor 2 in this section is incorrect. It is the same link as reactor 1. I believe it should link to this:

    I have the same problem, buttons get stuck in the on position keeping the teleporters active until one side of my link eventually runs out of energy due to my jumping back and forth. This has led to my client crashing under the stress, getting booted out of a server for moving too fast, and just generally annoying the hell out of me as it makes the teleporter a bit useless.

    I'm guessing it is just following the same rules as everything else and quits processing the button/redstone logic as soon as I have teleported out of range. I've had a similar problem with a redstone link from MSFU->reactor getting stuck on (right in the middle of the line of redstone), meaning the reactor never turns back on. This problem also happened right next to my teleporters, so not sure if it is related or is just a general issue with the way MC handles disabling of logic in chunks.

    Perhaps if the teleporters could only be activated and used once, and the redstone signal had to turn off and back on before they activated again, this would solve the issue? (or at least avoid it).

    A workaround for that using redpower is to use a pulse former. Ever since building one on every teleporter, I haven't had an issue. If you're not running redpower, you can always build a pulse limiter redstone circuit (directions should be on the minecraft wiki somwehere).

    You have to click on the output side. The output side turns to the side where you click with the wrench, so double-clicking an MFE with a wrench will always dismantle it as long as you click on the same side.

    Also, one thing I learned, is don't hold your sneak key (default shift) if you're trying to remove it. Holding shift makes the output face away from you so you'll never be able to dismantle it.

    I've recently noticed the same thing on my server that's still on 1.42. It only seems to happen after I teleport a good distance away and then teleport back. Also, the painted wires weren't displaying their colors.

    Relogging seems to fix it either way.

    Am i missing something here ? Aside from this, "interesting" design, the Isotope cell on the top right is NOT charging like this,

    You're not missing anything. That design doesn't charge all the cells. If you want to go with something simple that doesn't require heating up prior to running, and you have enough materials, go with something like this:

    Mark II Positive Breeder

    I got it from the A list of good reactor designs thread. It's a simple Mark II. It heats up all on it's own and is safe as long as you make sure it's completely cooled before running it a second time. The main reason I went with this is because the server didn't have the thermometer mod installed and I don't want to take the server down again to get it installed (2 times in a week was enough for most people).

    I heard somewhere that the latest version of modloaderMP will load mods alphabetically now. I just found it earlier today, but I can't find out where I saw it. It might be worth a try. I plan on trying as soon as I get off work today.

    wj.c seems to be optifine. Optifine conflicts with Forge at this point. I heard there is a patch for this, but I don't know if you use it or if you use optifine at all.

    I checked the commit history for MinecraftForge. It looks like there was a fix for Optifine compatibility in the latest version, 1.24.

    This is a wonderful mod and so useful for me...
    However, no mod can stop me from accidentally wrenching a machine when it's in operation! Inconvenient is when it's done to a Miner, and then I have to go down the hole breaking pipe (and lose the pipe head). But TRAGIC is when I'm abesntmindedly holding a wrench and I click on my MFSU to see if it's finally gotten to 10 Million. ;(

    I accidentally discovered that you can reattach a miner to pipes and get it to pull them up. Unfortunately you'll still have to go down to get the head, but I did find a way to recover that too. If you put the head in the pipe slot of the miner and remove the drill it will turn the head back into a pipe.

    I can't remember the last time I tried this so it might not work anymore.

    This might be useful. The MediaFire terms of service include this line.


    If your copyrighted or trademarked works are on the MediaFire website without your permission, please contact describing the work that has been infringed, where it is located on the website, and provide your contact information and a statement, made under penalty of perjury, that the information in your notice is accurate and that you are the owner, or authorized by the owner, of the copyrighted or trademarked work. Illegal files will be removed immediately after notice with sufficient information.