[1.1] Server: Nothing but Industrial! Beezus and BuckWheat Modding Co.

  • I have here a 10-slot server that is nothing but pure IndustrialCraft.

    Vanilla MC, and IC2 The two best combinations possible.

    Here's some rules for our server:

    - NO Grieving.

    -You must be at least 14 Years of age.

    -HAVE FUN!!!

    If you are grieved you will need to let an admin know and they will be able to reimburse you of what you have lost.

    We do whitelisting!

    Please apply to join our server in this format as a reply to this thread:

    -Minecraft Username:

    -Real Name:



    -Something Interesting about myself:

    Also, If you have any type of modding experience that would be amazing to know, as I have a mod that I need modders to help out with.


  • -Minecraft Username: maeyrl.

    -Real Name: Just call me mae.

    -Age: 16.

    -Email: CallOfDutyEliteTest@hotmail.com

    -Something Interesting about myself: I am a co-owner of a server, and, I have been a mod for many servers, as well as also being a very good builder. I can make stuff for the community via industrial craft 2 v1.64. I love servers that have only industrial craft v1.64, and, would be happy to make stuff for the community, all you need to give me is space, creative, whitelist, and, op status. (For spawning items.). Have a good day.

  • -Minecraft Username: Kacperkiewicz

    -Real Name: Kacper

    -Age: 15

    -Email: kacperg30000@gmail.com

    -Something Interesting about myself:Im young engineer, I love BC IC2 RP so much :D I want to play on this amazing server ! :Industrial Diamond: :Industrial Diamond: :Industrial Diamond: :Industrial Diamond: :Industrial Diamond: :Industrial Diamond:

  • -Minecraft Username: PowerSurge123

    -Real Name:Jakob


    -Email: Rvlover332@live.ca. But I don't check it much, so if you wanted to contact me it would be better to add me on Skype. Skype: Treeishappyface.

    -Something Interesting about myself: I enjoy trains.

  • I was too :( I was thinking about maybe loading a new map. I'm not sure yet. If you give me a list of the things you had I can compensate you

    The greifing was because I forgot to turn white-listing on

  • -Minecraft Username: Soxasora

    -Real Name: Simone

    -Age: 15

    -Email: soxasoracervino@gmail.com

    -Something Interesting about myself: Hi! I'm Soxasora, i love Minecraft and IndustrialCraft. I'm a good player, i love freebuild and hate griefing. Industrial Craft Forever! :Industrial Diamond: :Industrial Diamond: