Support Request: Foresty crashes Minecraft | Error related to IC² and its BlockCrop.class

  • I'm creating a modded client for myself.
    I've added 20 mods and Minecraft starts with no problem.

    The problem appears when I add Forestry, Minecraft crashes.
    The error itself seems to be related to IC² and it's BlockCrop.class.

    Here is a crash log:

    Any kind of help is appreciated.

  • Thank you Player, it worked. :)

    Although, I'm getting another error now, which seems to be related to RedPowerCore,
    and thus has nothing to do with IC² and this forum.

    But still, here is a log, maybe someone is willing to help:

  • Many said that I have to enable autoAssign for Forestry, but I haven't found out how to do that.
    I managed to fix my problem in the end by editing Forestry's base.cfg and changing grower=255 to grower=206.

  • Redpower has a autoAssign Option but Forestry dont have such a option

    Quoted from the redpower config:

    core {
    # Automatically remap conflicting IDs.
    # WARNING: May corrupt existing worlds

    Industrialcraft² :3² :D