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    I have placed IC2Fixes.jar into mods folder, and according to the I have placed IC2Fixes.jar into mods folder, and according to the log, it loaded successfully. But for some reason there are no changes in the game. Recipes are still the same. Any hints on what might be the problem?

    Problem solved:
    I haven't added IC2Fixes.jar into client mods folder because I thought it was server side only. Now when I have added it to the client too, it works great. I wish this fix was server side only, so players don't have to be bugged with placing the mod into theirs mod folder, but I suppose that's not possible.

    Chocohead :
    Thanks for the help bro. :)

    That's what I ment. I have checked Diamond Drill and Electric Jetpack. I still can't craft the Drill, and the Jetpack still has the missing texture for the Batbox inside its recipe, although that doesn't affect the crafting. All in all, the mod is not working for me, and I wonder why...

    Could you please make a server for vanilla version. Many of us need it.

    Thank you Player, it worked. :)

    Although, I'm getting another error now, which seems to be related to RedPowerCore,
    and thus has nothing to do with IC² and this forum.

    But still, here is a log, maybe someone is willing to help:

    I'm creating a modded client for myself.
    I've added 20 mods and Minecraft starts with no problem.

    The problem appears when I add Forestry, Minecraft crashes.
    The error itself seems to be related to IC² and it's BlockCrop.class.

    Here is a crash log:

    Any kind of help is appreciated.